To the Editor:

Fennelle Miller, George Bottcher, the Planning Commission, Downtown Task Force, Citizens Against Sprawl and many others want a healthy downtown with smart major retail development regulations that protect the environment, economy, and our community.

John Perrie is the only city council candidate in this election fined by Washington Public Disclosure Commission for violating state election law.

Washington Public Disclosure law assures citizens that candidates are being honest and open. Before the last election, the Public Disclosure Commission found Perrie in violation of state law and fined him $300 for past violations.

The Disclosure Commission sent him two letters to comply with reporting requirements before issuing the civil penalty.

This election Perrie is happy "Citizens for a Better Ellensburg" does campaign advertising for him. Better for who? According to the Public Disclosure Commission 85.3 percent of $22,000 in contributions for "Citizens …" advertising came from out-of-town developers or businesses. "Citizens for a Better Ellensburg" should be called "Better Profits for Out-of-Town Developers".

Fennelle Miller and George Bottcher are honest, experienced, innovative, and intelligent leaders who want growth to pay for growth. We need impact fees on new development to reduce taxpayer burdens, help pay for new schools, roads and police.

Barry and Perrie voted for Wal-Mart friendly development regulations with a 40 acre minimum limit but no maximum limit. Three city councilmembers voted against it. The Daily Record reported that Wal-mart is the ONLY big-box store interested in Ellensburg. Wal-Mart destroys small towns, U.S. manufacturing, and outsources American jobs to overseas sweatshops. Perrie stated "Wal-mart can't be bad because a lot of people shop there".

Ed Barry chaired the critical areas committee that met biweekly for year but failed to give council a draft ordinance due to biased leadership. Perrie was the only councilmember who didn't vote for the new animal control code that encourages spaying and neutering pets to reduce pet overpopulation and euthanasia.

Please vote for Fennelle Miller and George Bottcher if low taxes, environmental protection, a healthy historic downtown and respectful government are important to you. I've lived in Ellensburg five years, hold a MS degree in Environmental Studies, worked for city/county planning, and served as Chairman of the Environmental Commission.

Joe Sheeran



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