The state Department of Ecology will offer $200 to Ellensburg-area residents for old woodstoves on Nov. 3, according to a news release.

To participate, people can bring old stoves to the Ellensburg transfer station from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 3.

Up to 80 stoves will be accepted for the cash-back program, with a limit of two stoves per customer.

To qualify, stoves must be in working order, clean and free of fire bricks. Other stoves may be disposed of for free.

Air quality in the Kittitas Valley has been deteriorating in the winter months, said the Department of Ecology’s Jay Carmony in the release.

“We hope this cash-back program will provide an incentive for people to consider cleaner home heating options such as newer, more efficient certified woodstoves or solar, electric, propane or natural gas,” he said.

Last winter, the air quality monitor at the Hal Holmes Center on Ruby Street recorded 17 days when the air had equal or more particulate matter than the Department of Ecology’s healthy air goals.

Inhalation of fine particles has been associated with respiratory ailments, lung disease and cancer.

Pollution information gathered year round at the monitor showed Ellensburg was in the state’s top 10 locations  for high levels of fine particles found in smoke and diesel exhaust. 

For more information, call 509-454-7660 or email


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