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Thursday, Mar 5th - 2:54pm

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Federal raid leads to 30 being taken into custody

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Posted: Friday, January 21, 2011 10:11 am | Updated: 10:40 am, Mon Feb 28, 2011.

Federal agents early Thursday morning arrested 14 Ellensburg area residents related to criminal charges of manufacture and purchase of counterfeit identity and employment documents, according to a news release from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

Another 16 were taken into custody on administrative immigration violations, and three of those were later released for humanitarian reasons, according to the news release issued this morning.

All 30 are Mexican nationals, according to ICE/HSI spokeswoman Lorie Dankers in Seattle, and the three released were women.

Assisting the federal agents were Kittitas County Sheriff's deputies and Ellensburg police officers.

At least two of the locations where search warrants were carried out and arrests made were at Millpond Mobile Manor on Canyon Road southeast of Ellensburg and a mobile home park on West University Way.

A helicopter with a searchlight was part of the federal operation.

The 14 were expected to make their initial appearance in federal court this morning in Yakima.

They were arrested early Thursday morning by ICE/HSI agents on criminal charges related to an investigation into the manufacture and purchase of counterfeit identity and employment documents.

ICE/HSI agents were joined by other federal and local law enforcement agencies as they served 11 criminal search warrants at 22 locations Thursday morning in Ellensburg and in county areas near the city.

All of those arrested on criminal charges were indicted by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Washington earlier this month as a result of an investigation that has been ongoing since summer 2009.

According to the release, of the 14 scheduled to appear this morning in federal court, 13 of the defendants are charged with visa fraud and government identity fraud. Three of the defendants have the additional charge of false claim to U.S. citizenship.

The one remaining defendant is charged with re-entry into the United States after deportation.

"Those who create and sell fraudulent documents compromise our nation's legal identification system and provide counterfeit identities to those who may otherwise be ineligible to live or work legally in the United States," said Leigh Winchell, special agent in charge of HSI in Washington state in the release. "Targeting those who commit this type of crime is an enforcement priority for ICE Homeland Security Investigations."

In addition to the 14 criminal arrests, 16 others were taken into custody on administrative immigration violations.

Three individuals were interviewed and released for humanitarian reasons while they await a hearing before an immigration judge.

The remaining individuals are in the custody of ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma where they have been placed in removal proceedings.

HSI was assisted in this investigation by the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington; the Drug Enforcement Administration; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security; U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Air and Marine Operations; the Kittitas County Sheriff's Office; the Yakima County Violent Crimes Task Force; and the Ellensburg Police Department.

According to court papers, the criminal fraud charges relate to the manufacture and sale of fraudulent documents to individuals who subsequently used them to gain employment at various businesses in Eastern and Western Washington.

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  • eburg98926 posted at 12:16 pm on Wed, Jan 26, 2011.

    eburg98926 Posts: 697

    OK how about this incident?

    I think it was 3-4 years ago we had a Nigerian (or maybe more not sure) here illegaly, why wasnt a raid done from that? Why no investigations there? Why wasnt every black person looked at?
    BUT the clincher of it all the coup de gras is the commonly used term in Ellensburg - 206er! People here actually use that area code number to describe people from the westside of the state.
    Why when a man with an Arab or Middle East name was busted for 'date rape drugging' wasnt all of them investigated? Thats what was done to the Hispanics.
    Why are Asian students told to stick together and NOT to interact to much with locals?

    WHY is there FEAR in the eyes of everyone NOT white and NOT from this area?
    ASK them sometime what thier Ellensburg experience has been like and find out whats really going on.

  • Darwin posted at 5:03 pm on Mon, Jan 24, 2011.

    Darwin Posts: 1763

    Samlyn You just cannot "make up" a Social Security number. Every number in itself has a meaning on your Social Security card. Altho I don't have the knowledge of explaining each number I can tell you that the 1st 3 digits tell what state you received your card in.. others I a, told tell what year you were born ect..

  • cg5611 posted at 5:34 am on Mon, Jan 24, 2011.

    cg5611 Posts: 109

    We as Americans do need to get back on track. The idea of a police state is so appauling I can not beleive a fellow American even brought it up. There is one thing you can't deny, Kittitas County is pretty white. And the white folk who run it want to keep it that way as much as possible. Racism is alive and well in this county. That does not have alot to do with people doing something illegal. Better border patrol would be my suggestion. But it does seem as tho our government has some sort of vested interest in not helping Mexico with the drug cartel problem, and that's a whole nother problem.

  • eburg98926 posted at 10:21 pm on Sun, Jan 23, 2011.

    eburg98926 Posts: 697

    samlyn I dont assume a latino looking person is illegal, but if police in coducting thier duties discover they are....deport them.

    Another issue I want to raise is this: WAR TIME

    While America is involved in war sneaking across the borders COULD get you more than deported.

  • samlyn posted at 9:50 pm on Sun, Jan 23, 2011.

    samlyn Posts: 98

    I have never said no crimes were committed, I just don't think people should throw all immigrants in the same boat, as some have on these comments. Wanting laws obeyed is one thing but degrading a whole group of people because of the actions of a few in unfair. I was under the impression that they make up fake ss numbers but don't actually take someone's identity. Both are wrong, I know, but one doesn't directly hurt anyone. I still don't see how they take our tax dollars. I have said before that I don't have the answer to the problem, however, I feel bad for a mom that doesn't want to raise their kids in Mexico. Can you imagine living in a place where the cops are corrupt? People can suggest they go back to their homeland but their is a disgust and hatred toward them that is uncalled for. Do you really think that our country is in the shape it is in because of illegals? The collapse of banks and mortgages is their fault? I seriously doubt they were bank executives or even had home loans. The jobs that are disappearing are mostly the middle class jobs not the ones that illegalswork. Why is everything always blamed on the richest people and the poorest people but not the middle class that live beyond their means? Just as back in the time of industrialization, when we have lots of factories we want the immigrants here to work for almost nothing.When those factories close we don't want them here. Use and abuse for the good of America.

  • challenge posted at 7:31 pm on Sun, Jan 23, 2011.

    challenge Posts: 10

    What do you think this big raid on the illegals was all about. Identify theft, fraud, stealing something that does not belong to them LEAGALLY!!!!!!! Knowone has the right to use anything that does not belong to them. The people that get their identity robbed from them, have no idea the extent of the damage it causes until they are faced with proving who they are. This takes years to fix if they are even able to fix it. They were robbed of their lives, not to mention how it effects their entire family.
    Thank God I do have a conscience, this gives me the ability to sleep at night knowing that I have not robbed anyone of their life. I am not racist, and I am certainly not blind to what the iIlegals are doing to our Country. The reason why Hispanics are being talked about is because they are who got busted and if you take those blinders off, and take a good look around, you would see they are everywhere. I believe that if anyone is here illegally, they should all be deported or if they want to stay here, they need to begin the process of becoming a Citizen of the United States of America, provide for themselves and their families or go back where they came from. They need to quit relying on our tax dollars to support them. When your identity is robbed from you by someone that is here legally or illegally, I bet your opinion will changes in a hurry. How do you know that your name has not been used for illegal purposes or was about to be used when this raid took place?
    Good Luck with continuing to pretend nothing is wrong here. You might consider changing your name to "Ostrich"

  • samlyn posted at 6:01 pm on Sun, Jan 23, 2011.

    samlyn Posts: 98

    eburg98926 you found out my true identity. I better get back to the show. Truth hurts though. Anytime you look at a group as if they are all the same, especially in a bad way it is racism. To see a Hispanic and assume they are illegal is wrong. People need to remember that at one time it was legal to beat or kill a black man for not obeying his master. They smuggled people too, away from where they were legally supposed to be, but we call them a hero. At least some of us do.

  • eburg98926 posted at 5:37 pm on Sun, Jan 23, 2011.

    eburg98926 Posts: 697

    "You look at Hispanics as bad people to ease your wicked conscience"

    LOL! Who died and made you Dr. Phil?

  • eburg98926 posted at 5:15 pm on Sun, Jan 23, 2011.

    eburg98926 Posts: 697

    "As far as the legality of stopping someone for not being a citizen, we need to get over the politics and allow officers to question anyone about their citizenship. Not just hispanics, but everyone. "

    Over my dead body! I wouldnt have any problem with armed desention to defend my consitution and rights!

  • another point of view posted at 4:31 pm on Sun, Jan 23, 2011.

    another point of view Posts: 204

    I know that this comment field is meant to really talk about the article, but after reading all of these comments I am going to go a little off track. Illegal aliens are a big problem in America, it's nothing new. We really need to send all of our national guard troops to the border, build nice electric fences and put snipers along with heavy armor along that fence with orders to shoot anyone trying to cross. There is NOTHING good about illegal aliens coming to our country. As far as the legality of stopping someone for not being a citizen, we need to get over the politics and allow officers to question anyone about their citizenship. Not just hispanics, but everyone. The only reason its a bigger deal for the hispanics is because its the only country that borders us with people trying to sneak in. It is sad that families get broken up over immigration violations, but the parents should have known the risks of being illegal in this country. And if they want, they can take their kids back with them when they are deported. This country needs to take a stand, there isn't room enough for everyone in Mexico to live here too.

  • samlyn posted at 2:55 pm on Sun, Jan 23, 2011.

    samlyn Posts: 98

    Do you have any proof that illegal immigrants ruin people's credit? Actually they share one social security number in order to get a job. When these numbers are ran through the system and multiple names come up then they don't get any benefits. Are you saying immigrants don't do anything to help our country? You didn't say illegal, you said immigrants. You are setting up all these ideas as fact. You don't know what you are talking about. You can't look at a person standing in any line and know that they are illegal. Our country is made up of many races and whatever you are isn't any better than any of them. It is people like you that condoned slavery and segregation. Racist, however you want to justify it. You look at Hispanics as bad people to ease your wicked conscience

  • challenge posted at 8:37 am on Sun, Jan 23, 2011.

    challenge Posts: 10

    I guess you have to witness things for yourself to understand what is really happening. There are many people who choose not to believe what illegals can have access to. Until you find yourself in need of assistance as a United States Citizen and cannot get the help because your illegal neighbor is getting it with fake identification, then you can continue to keep your head in the ground. How much money are they paying these Coyotes to smuggle them here. These illegals are a money maker to these Coyotes. These people who have crossed our borders illegally could have used that money to start investing in their future as a United States Citizen, but choose to break the law to get here and them make fake identications to commit fraud. In that process of them doing this, they are destroying someones life who worked hard for many years so the illegals can have a better life? These people who have had their identity robbed from them know that if they can ever recover from this identity theft, it take years but these illegals have a better life.
    We Americans are kind, helpful, generous people and do not deserve to be drained of everything we have worked for. I don't see any immigrants setting up food banks, medical offices for free medical care, I just see them standing in line taking and taking and never giving anything back. As I said, open your eyes people, investigate what is happening to our United States of America. Has everyone forgotten that the Mexicans want to change our National Athem a few years ago?

  • bullfrog posted at 8:15 am on Sun, Jan 23, 2011.

    bullfrog Posts: 31

    Whenever the word illegal is used everyone knows that means "not legal". put that with immigrant or alien and the meaning changes. lets say it all together: NOT LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, now do we understand? I know LOTS of places ICE needs to go visit.....Good job on saving americans from illegal immigrants! build a fence!!!!!! Next there will be incentives for citizens to rat out illegals. Hasta la vista!!!! No puede tarjeta de verde. no entrada!

  • samlyn posted at 12:47 am on Sun, Jan 23, 2011.

    samlyn Posts: 98

    MarieAnoinette thank you so much for those reminders. It is rare to see intelligent remarks on here. It is so easy for America to forget its history.

  • eburg98926 posted at 8:00 pm on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    eburg98926 Posts: 697

    Good points darwin, however, so far in all the articles I have not read "several underciver buys were made". Also we cannot assume that was what happend. All we have is what police release to the news media and noway to check the validity, truthfullness, or the execution. All we have is the "word" of officials but NO PROOF.
    Then we have EPD saying "it was NOT a raid or round-up of illegals, these were warrants served for specific crimes" - but then we read it in fact WAS a raid and a round-up; they even used those words! So right there we have a conflict of statements. Easy enough to remedy, show us all the documentation, warrants, name those specific crimes, show us the evidence collected (like all the marijuana photos lol) - if they exist.
    They say it was an operation started in 2009, show us proof it was, show us the same evidence and cause that a judge/jury/court would see to be convicted.

    We've all been TOLD but have seen ZERO proof and conflicting stories from law enforcements - so NOW we HAVE TO SEE EVIDENCE. And if there is none I wouldnt want to be an officer right about now.

    However, those should be the least of our concerns. More important is the manner in which these raids were done, how was the investigation done, how warrants were served etc.

    Where are the video footage(s) of this? Certainly officers/official had the forethought to video this action to cover thier bottoms, use as evidence, and show things were done appropriatly. They sure had there guns drawn from fear of things going bad so video MUST have been taken or how about some dashcam footage. What about audio recordings?

    Before officials get a "good job fellas" we have to see it in fact was a good job.

    Partly correct racial profiling has been used as a cop-out; but these other issues are not cop-outs they are cop-abuses.

  • Darwin posted at 5:26 pm on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    Darwin Posts: 1763

    Lets see. My guess is if they have been on this case since 2009 they probably have had undercover cops making documentation buys. If you are trying to sell a fake ID do you think just maybe you would indicate to the buyer the fact that you have helped other illegals with some false documentation?

    When I guy comes in and shoots a bank teller do the cops have to

    A: Check the video to make sure the guy is not dark skinned before attempting to track him down?

    B. Arrest the guy and then find out later what his status is?

    C. Just let them all go because it my be viewed as racial profiling?

    Its time for America to get over it. Racial Profiling is about as big a cop out as the Government can come up with. If I am pulled over I have to produce a drivers license. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably is a duck.

  • eburg98926 posted at 4:45 pm on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    eburg98926 Posts: 697

    IF one is here legaly they are immigrants if one is here illegaly they are NOT immigrants.
    RONK made the perfect point. Is it ok if I sell meth to the kiddies to make my life better?

    MY concern here is not so much that illegals were rounded up - but HOW it was done.
    HOW did they determin who was or wasnt? If officials went by the book the only way was to ask for I.D. and NO LAW ENFORCEMENT person has the right to stop anyone to "check thier papers" with out some type of probable cause - and therein lies the problem. IF a person is arrested for a crime etc then law enforcement MAY discover that fact.
    BUT you cant go by appearances, rumor or "officer discretion" all unconstitutional.

    see the video Ellensburg Police Training video 12 WHO IS THE ILLEGAL ALIEN

  • Darwin posted at 3:40 pm on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    Darwin Posts: 1763

    In America you are innocent until proven guilty!

    In Mexico you are guilty until proven innocent!

    Why the heck do you think America is full of Mexicans?

  • ronk1957 posted at 1:27 pm on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    ronk1957 Posts: 1

    Please help me. I just got caught robbing a bank. I only did it because I wanted a better life! Now they want to jail me and break up my family. they are all racists! Please send money for my defense.

  • MarieAntoinette posted at 1:13 pm on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    MarieAntoinette Posts: 1

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people are willing to comment on articles such as this without having the knowledge to back up their statements.

    Unless a person has a valid SS number, that person will never be able to draw SS upon reaching retirement age. Samlyn is right--only children are eligible for medical benefits through the state; if you have any doubts, call DSHS and ask them yourselves. Samlyn is also right about eligibility for federal student aid (FAFSA)--that is why the Dream Act is being proposed.

    As far as paying taxes is concerned, even people who are here illegally are paying SOME kind of taxes, even if it's "only" sales tax; just because a person pays for something in cash doesn't make them exempt from it.

    And as for language learning, it is and has always been extremely common for first- and even second-generation immigrants (legal or otherwise) to struggle or even resist learning the "new" language, regardless of what country or culture you're talking about. However, during the 1960s and 1970s, it wasn't considered "cool" to be latin@ (remember the Brown Power Movement?), so many people tried to disguise their heritage, with some even failing to pass their native tongue onto their children. Unfortunately, this is becoming a global trend; thus, with every passing day, many languages and their respective cultures are falling by the wayside and are in danger of extinction.

    Those of you who are so pro-USA and patriotic that you have developed a cultural superiority complex apparently lack both the sense and the compassion to put yourselves in someone else's place. You have the nerve to complain about undocumented workers residing in your precious country, yet you probably wouldn't be caught dead performing some of the jobs that these "illegals" do, nor would you have the stamina and determination to do what these people do in order to seek a better life for themselves and their families (which, lest you forget, is why this country was founded in the first place). Mexico has one of the most corrupt governments on the face of the planet, so how can you not sympathize with someone who simply wants to get away from that corruption? And if you think for a moment that this country is really that much better, you are indeed naive.

    This issue is purely a matter of xenophobia, which in turn is caused by laziness and ignorance. If all you uber-patriotic, border patrol zealots had a clue, you would recognize the truth in a line by Dr. Seuss: "A person's a person, no matter how small." You, INS, ICE, and all the other Establishment groups should be more concerned with humanitarian efforts than with the color of a person's skin or what language a person speaks. Keep telling yourselves that the people who were rounded up in the middle of the night or early in the morning deserve to be separated from their families because they've done something illegal. Would you feel the same way if the substantial population of illegal Irish immigrants in Seattle or Boston was the one in question?

    Don't forget that much of this country originally belonged to Mexico, until we took it from them. Not to worry, though--the way things are going, they'll repossess it soon enough. The current Hispanic population of the US is right around 33% and rising. Better start learning Spanish. :)

  • REAMZ4 posted at 1:05 pm on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    REAMZ4 Posts: 1

    I'm strongly against discrimination against us Latinos! But do agree that using fake id's, resident cards is ILLEGAL. We all say that it shouldn't be a crime but if they were using our social security number we would be freaking out. There are many that work hard for what they have. But you also have those that are lazy, sell drugs and abuse the system and trust me i see it a lot!!!! I'm proud of being mexican no doubt but everywhere you go there are LAWS that we all must follow. I strongly disagree that they take only the parents and leave the children behind so in that case they should send the enitre family back to Mexico. I also agree that a lot of people who are legal here don't have a job because of the one that are illegal and that's not fair!!! Besides i've lived here all my life and it seems that a lot of people from California and Arizona are fleeing to our community because they are afraid of deportation. So let's be realistic and care for the future of our kids.

  • Cata posted at 10:40 am on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    Cata Posts: 1

    It's interesting that some people think they know or undertand more than they actually do. Who are you Central to challenge anyone on unemployment to go out and get a job? You make it sound like those on unemployment are sitting back collecting their checks and doing nothing about it. I don't think anyone around here lost their job or can't get a job only because of illegals. The only thing we can really be sure about is that there is an economic crisis in this country, many Americans and naturalized citizens are out of work, many are losing their homes. and that this week many illegals were arrested here in Ellensburg.

    Martiana makes a valid point that those working with fake IDs, albeit illegally, are paying taxes and social security. They may not be able to reap the benefits of social security. But none of us may be able to and I don't think we can blame illegal immigration for that situation or the economic crisis.

    Having lived in Mexico for several years, I witnessed many Americans treat Mexicans in their own country badly. They distanced themselves from the Mexicans, did not learn to speak Spanish fluently, did not live the culture, but managed to buy expensive homes and cars on their American dollars, homes and cars they could not afford here. They hired women to clean their houses and take care of their children, paid them Mexican wages and treated them like a second class citizens. And let's talk about the free trade agreement--American businesses paying Mexican wages to Mexicans working for them supposedly to give them a better life. Now many US businesses and factories are gone from the US taking their jobs with them and not just to Mexico.

    Yes, they committed a crime being in this country illegally, but many of them are working and contributing to society positively in other ways. As far as language goes, have you ever tried to learn a language other than English? I would make a point here that many Americans can't even speak or write the English language correctly. Most of those don't even bother to learn.

    It must have been a terrifying experience for these people on all levels. We can be proud Americans and still have compassion for what they are going through. I don't have to agree with what they did to have compassion for them and except for Martiana, I don't see much compassion here.

  • samlyn posted at 10:07 am on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    samlyn Posts: 98

    The reasons listed here for not wanting illegal immigrants here are totally unreasonable. An illegal immigrant CANNOT receive any benefits from the state. The children that are born here can receive medical through the state. If a person is here illegally they CANNOT fill out a fafsa and that is how you qualify for student aid. You are complaining about immigrants in general because you are judging by their skin color. Racist is what you are, plain and simple. Not all mexicans are criminals. I am white, with no ties to Hispanics at all but I have worked jobs with hispanics and I saw no reason to classify them as lazy or criminal minded. It is one thing to say they are here illegally so send them home but to attack the character of a race is wrong.

  • InvisiPeasant posted at 9:55 am on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    InvisiPeasant Posts: 66

    Martiana- please don't let fools stop you from being yourself.

    While I understand very well why Mexicans and central Americans would come here illegally, it's still a crime and IMO should be treated as such. Employers of illegals should do jail time also. The latter application of existing laws would probably do more to solve the problem than anything else that's ever been proposed... however, those folks seem to have an entirely separate justice system.

    But if someone's talking in Spanish in the checkout line at Fred Meyers or the doctor's office I'm totally fine with it. Language should be a separate issue from illegal immigration ENTIRELY. Just because someone speaks Spanish doesn't mean they're illegal, it doesn't mean they're stupid, it doesn't mean they're subhuman.... it just means they speak Spanish.

    And if you bothered to get to know them, you might find out that person is not nearly as different from yourself as you might have assumed.

  • martiana posted at 9:40 am on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    martiana Posts: 8

    Challenge: The people arrested during this raid were working with fake ID's so I'm almost sure that while using those fake ID they paid taxes and were not working under the table. To receive government benefits, you need to have a VALID Social Security number which undocumented immigrants do not have. You say to walk into Central or community colleges, what exactly are we looking for? Students of foreign appearance? Because if so, I would certainly qualify for this classification but yet I am a documented as is my whole family. Illegal immigrant students CANNOT receive FAFSA. They would need to have a Social Security number. Most students who are not documented receive private outside scholarships. Or pay a portion of their costs out of pocket.

  • martiana posted at 8:47 am on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    martiana Posts: 8

    I am very glad that you were able to succeed in life, but you're not the only one. Many of these immigrants have similar stories and have also succeeded in this country, including my family, whose children are now receiving college educations and making something out of their lives.And it certainly was easier, mainly because the process didn't take up to decades to receive legal status and it was much easier to afford. Do you think life is a "picnic" for these immigrants? Who work out in fields in temperatures in which most of us are all cool inside our house or air-conditioned jobs. Or who are sometimes not paid for their job because thei'r boss threatens to call ICE on them. Have you heard the cases in which contruction employees have gotten injured on the job and then being deported once they can no longer work? I sure have. As to trying to learn English, the rate of assimilation is growing rapidly for Hispanics, whose 2nd and 3rd generations oftentimes speak more English than Spanish. The generation struggling to learn most is the first one, maybe because they're too busy working or have tried and not succeeded. I am a natural born American citizen from Mexican descent and I ABSOLUTELY love the fact that I speak English and Spanish perfectly. I listen to music in both languages, read books in both languages and communicate in both languages. Is there something wrong with that? I guess maybe I shouldn't speak Spanish so often in public since I may be accused of not trying to learn English.

  • challenge posted at 8:46 am on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    challenge Posts: 10

    Martiana, You are Naive. As far as the Social Security Income, if they are not working and getting state assistance, they are Not paying taxes. If they are working and are here illegally, they are working for cash, they can't get a Social Security card because they are here "ILLEGALLY" When they use an EBT card, the taxes are removed from the transaction. As far as seeing and listening to the immigrants, if you were here legally, you would learn the English language and be proud to do so. I am fed up with accommodating the Immigrants. Has anyone asked why college tuition has increased so much? Oh, let me guess, its because the immigrants are getting a Free College Education at taxpayers expense. Walk onto the campus at Central. Walk onto the campus of community colleges. I can not afford to support these immigrants and a I resent the fact that they can live better, eat better, have medical and dental care, free child care, free housing, their children get taught English in our Public Schools (ESL) English as a Second Language) and the list goes on and on.
    This country, The United States of America, is no longer what I knew it to be. We Americans are standing in line Behind the Immigrants because everything we built over the years is being made available to immigrants and not our children.
    These immigrants sure know how to speak and understand the English language when the walk into the Welfare Office. Don't try and defend these immigrants to me, I have seen it all for myself.
    There is a music video call Press One for English. I suggest you listen and watch.

  • cg5611 posted at 6:02 am on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    cg5611 Posts: 109

    And as to things being 'easier' back in the late 1800s and early 1900s? Ellis Island was no picnic. They wanted to weed out criminals and people with contagious illnesses. Once you got in most of the work was dangerous (coal mining in upstate PA), sweat shops (NYC, long hours, low wages and remember the garment district fire), railroad work in the West, etc. In the early 1900s there were better laws to protect horses against abuse and cruelty than there were laws to protect children. Most immigrants back then tried to FOLLOW our laws and learn English.

  • october posted at 4:54 am on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    october Posts: 4

    Am I the only person who thinks what happened might just be ok. I don't care if you are from Europe, Australia, South America, Mexico...... If you are here illegally, you shouldn't be here. There needs to be a way that the American Government can keep track of all of us. A surprise "raid" is the only way to get anything done. Knocking on the door and saying "excuse me, are you here illegally?" won't work. I do feel so sorry for the kids. They are innocent and don't understand. Check out the article and comments on komo news. Very different opinions coming from that side of the state.

  • cg5611 posted at 4:49 am on Sat, Jan 22, 2011.

    cg5611 Posts: 109

    Am I reading you correctly martiana? It's more difficult now to become 'legal' so that justifies counterfeit documentation? Another moral compass gone awry. From another article in a different newspaper, I read one of those arrested has a record going back to 2000 from down in Los Angelas, CA. One of the homes raided had multiple fake green cards and social security cards.
    Until we as a people take a stand on lying and cheating there will be problems.
    As a 19 year old I moved 3,000 miles from my home and parents. I got a job, opened a bamk account, bought a car and realized all the partying needed to stop so I could get up in the morning and go to work to support myself. I went to plan parenthood for birth control - wasn't going to risk getting preggers and hoping to count on some guy to support me. I planned and thought ahead. Things were not always easy as a single woman but I did not take the easy route, no TV, fancy stereo or clothes. It was just the basics for many years.
    You want to stop living in fear? Quit lying, bottom line.

  • martiana posted at 11:05 pm on Fri, Jan 21, 2011.

    martiana Posts: 8

    Central: I am 100% sure that if the typical immigrant who comes here to WORK had the chance to become documented using the steps that you mention, they would take it. It's simply not that easy. It takes years and years for anyone to immigrate here and most of all you need money, the kind of money these people do not have. As for asking their parents why they came to this country, the answer is simple. To provide for them. Just as your ancestors might have done, only for them it was a whole lot easier.
    Challenge: I believe it is more likely that these people used fake ID’s to work and not to steal someone’s identity. The majority of immigrants just want to work and I doubt they’d risk being deported trying to use stolen credit cards. And when you say you are “…sick of seeing and hearing these immigrants at the Social Security office pretending not to speak English” how do you know that they are immigrants? Did you perhaps check their birth certificates? Or are you simply judging by their foreign appearance? By the way even undocumented immigrants pay taxes. Money is taken from their paychecks, they pay property taxes on their mortgages/rent, and when they shop I am definitely sure they pay sales taxes just like any other American. Only they don’t receive benefits from this.

  • challenge posted at 8:38 pm on Fri, Jan 21, 2011.

    challenge Posts: 10

    Wake up people. When these individuals were committing these crimes, they didn't think twice about the impact it was going to have on their families. They didn't give it a second thought about the fraud they were committing, whose lives they were going to destroy by stealing identities. They will serve less time for their crime compared to what it takes for someone to clear up their credit due to identity theft. The money and anguish that it causes the victims of their crimes it more severe that what these criminals will be charged with. These people brought it on themselves. I am sick of working and paying my taxes to support them. I am sick of not having the ability as a United States Citizen, to get medical attention because I am not eligible for Medicade. I am sick of seeing and hearing these immigrants at the Social Security office pretending not to speak English so that they can be classified as being disabled to receive Social Security Supplemental Income. Yes, they do get Social Security Income even thought they have never contributed anything into it. Go into your local Social Security Office and see for yourself. Because so many immigrants were at the Welfare office and many people began to see what was happening, you can now apply online for benefits. As far as going to the grocery store and paying taxes on their groceries, if they are using an EBT card (Electronic Benefits Transfer), they are not paying any taxes, period. No I don't feel sorry for any of these people who have committed these crimes. However, I do feel sorry for the children who are the victims too.

  • Central posted at 8:15 pm on Fri, Jan 21, 2011.

    Central Posts: 1

    Ok, It has taken me some time to process what happened on Thursday. People that got arrested by Federal agents were either breaking the law or were here Illegally. In past years people (illegals) came here to work and save their money and go back home, Today the new generation of Illegals come to work but forget their objective. Which was to save money and go home, they now stay because the conditions of life are much better here and they don't have to deal with all the problems of the South. Well guess what, You now have to deal with ICE, FBI, and all other Federal Agencies. Why? You might ask, because all the laws that were broken by a simple fake Green Card or Identity theft falls into the category of a Federal Crime.

    On a second note, Ellensburg now has alot of Job openings at motels and Hay companies. So go at it and get off those unemployment checks and go make beds and go breathe all that hay dust. So now that the Illegals have been weeded out, I challenge whom ever was affected by not having a job because of Illegals to go out and get paid minimum wage, hey its a job!!!

    I am all for getting rid of Illegals, we had to go thru the channels, pay for documentation, physicals, and had to stand in front of that Immigration official that wouldn't even blink or say a goodmorning. What gives you a right of coming to this great country and wanting the same rights as others when you didn't even spend a dime on processing all required documents.

    So for all the Childern left behind I feel for you and often wonder what will your future hold? but your parents are the only ones to blame, ask them why they chose this route? Sooner or later the law was going catch up and on Thursday Jan 20th, 2011 the "Federales" came in startled the community...

    World English Dictionary
    illegal (ɪˈliːɡ ə l)

    — adj
    1. forbidden by law; unlawful; illicit
    2. unauthorized or prohibited by a code of official or accepted rules

    — n
    3. a person who has entered or attempted to enter a country illegally



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