Skeletal remains found in a shallow grave at Suncadia resort  have been identified as a 22-year-old woman last seen in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle in 1972.

The Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with Dr. Kathy Taylor of the King County Medical Examiners Office, identified the woman as Kerry M. May (Hardy) of Seattle. May, who was married, was last seen in June 1972. Her disappearance was reported to the Seattle Police Department by her mother.

Discovered in September

The remains were discovered in September last year by a construction worker, and the sheriff’s office asked for the public’s help in identifying the woman.

A composite sketch was generated from the remains by forensic artist Natalie Murry of ID Forensic Art in conjunction with the King County Medical Examiner’s Office.  Kerry May’s family contacted the Sheriff’s Office after seeing a media release because they believed the sketch closely resembled Kerry May.

On Wednesday, the University of North Texas Center for Human Remains and DNA Testing notified the sheriff’s office of a “cold hit” involving a bone sample. A match was made to a DNA sample of May’s mother collected in 2004 by King County Sheriff’s Detectives during the Green River killer investigation. The sample was transferred to the Seattle Police Department where it was later sent to the UNT for testing.

The case is being investigated by the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators will begin searching for and reviewing the original reports and seeking friends and relatives who may remember the circumstances of May’s disappearance. 

If anyone has any information regarding Kerry May-Hardy in 1972, they are asked to contact Detective Andrea Blume at 509-962-7069.


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