Central Washington University Police Chief Michael Luvera recently was awarded Administrator of the Year honors from the Western Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, according to a news release.

The organization is a nonprofit campus police and security association which operates in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Alaska and British Columbia, Canada. The group's membership represents 47 higher-education campuses in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and British Columbia.

The nomination for the annual award came from CWU Police Capt. Jason Berthon-Koch. In his nomination statement, Berthon-Koch wrote Luvera has been with the CWU campus police department since 2008, first hired as the emergency management coordinator, then promoted to captain and, "due to his continued hard work," he was appointed to the chief position in 2011.

"Mike’s ability to lead change for what he believed to be the best for the officers and department was a joy to watch," Berthon-Koch wrote.

He wrote that Luvera continually seeks input, opinions and ideas from the agency’s command staff and others with decisions always being made with the best interest of the department and university community in mind.

A new department insignia patch and vehicle insignia design was implemented by Luvera, and made sure the department personnel had a voice in what they would look like.

“After a few of the simple changes that Mike implemented there was a feeling of inclusiveness in the department,” Berthon-Koch wrote.


Luvera has been a champion of the institution as well, he wrote, indicating Luvera supports the rape aggression defense system of training on campus, and its gone from six instructors to 11 “and now with the acceptance of student funding we will have up to 21 instructors.”

He has revamped CWU’s hostile intruder course that is taught to all incoming first-year students, faculty and staff, Berthon-Koch wrote, and listed several other improvements that have increased the general safety of students, faculty and staff, and has exercised leadership through the example of his life.

“Mike understands that without the students we wouldn’t have jobs, and that the safety and security of students, faculty and staff is his main priority,” Berthon-Koch wrote.

In reacting the award, Luvera said he’s proud to be part of the campus law enforcement association and is honored and humbled to accept the award “knowing that many are deserving of this recognition.”


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