A new cafe in Roslyn is specializing in coffee and real fruit smoothies.

Spruce Moose is in the space that was formerly occupied by The Mountain Mermaid on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The transition between restaurants took place in June, and Spruce Moose is now open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

Starting up

Spruce Moose is a family-owned business that is managed by Jason and Jennifer MacIsaac, who moved to Roslyn two months ago.

“It’s a great community, great town, and wonderful people,” Jason said.

The idea for the cafe name came from a “Simpsons” episode where the character Mr. Burns designed a tiny wooden airplane and named it Spruce Moose, Jason said, adding that it seemed to fit with Roslyn’s character.

“Then there’s moose antlers that came with the building, and antlers all over town,” he said.

Initial plans were to have the cafe continue selling sandwiches and baked goods, like The Mountain Mermaid did, but the MacIsaacs decided to focus solely on drinks.

“We’re scaling it back,” Jennifer said. “We might have snack foods here and there, but we’re not doing all the baking ... that we were trying to do initially.”

Running a cafe is new for Jason, who was formerly an accountant.

“We’re pretty inexperienced at most of this,” he said. “There’s a lot to managing a restaurant — purchasing, developing a menu — and we kind of realized we weren’t ready.”

“We’re excited about figuring out a way that works for us ... right now it’s a lot of trial and error,” Jennifer said.

Jason said though Spruce Moose won’t sell baked goods at the shop, he plans to sell them at the Roslyn Farmers Market every Sunday.

“We do a lot of breakfast types, croissants and pies,” he said.


The MacIsaacs are planning to make the Spruce Moose a place for special events, and an alternative hang-out spot to the bars.

“We’re envisioning local musicians who want to come down and set up, and local artists who want to put on a show,” Jason said. “We want as much community involvement as possible.”

Jennifer added that it could also be used as a space for birthday parties with advance planning.

The cafe will have limited hours as it gets started, but may change depending on how business goes.

For more information, call the cafe at 509-649-3209, or look up Spruce Moose on Facebook.


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