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In the count of remaining ballots Thursday, the Ellensburg School District elementary school bond gained more approval votes to finish with a 62.64 percent approval, according to information posted on the Kittitas County Auditor’s website.

Schools throughout Kittitas County honor veterans each year with a variety of events whether an assembly or parade. Daily Record photographer Jake Green visited a variety of schools Friday to capture the events.

This past week President Donald Trump said in an interview that you need to show photo ID to purchase a box of cereal. In August, he made a similar statement that you needed photo ID to purchase groceries.

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Hold on for a moment while I pat myself on the back … there I’m done. In not-so-shocking-but-very-arrogant news, I was correct with my pick of Scott Snedecor winning the steer roping Gold Buckle. The now-four-time world and two-time defending champion made up a $19,000 deficit to Tuf Cooper while benefitting from Cooper’s sub-par finals. Cooper suffered six no-times but won first place two out of the three rounds he placed. Snedecor placed in four rounds, winning the first two, and finished fourth in the average.

We’re in championship form now. We’re getting into that long-awaited season of “who’s who”. No, I’m not talking about the world champions, I’m talking about predicting world champions. Yes, rodeo is all about how the Guddat Family sees it playing out.

It’s around this time of the year where we usually talk about the circuit finals looming on the schedule. However, as we mentioned earlier this year, the Columbia River Circuit recently decided to move the finals from early November to mid-January. It takes the pressure off circuit cowboys and barrel racers to bounce between Yakima’s finals and the Canadian Finals taking place around the same times.

I’d like to thank all those who congratulated (I should say laughed at) me for my 1.3-second bull ride atop a bull resembling Bodacious a week and a half ago. But enough about me, my career looks to be over. Let’s talk about some real rodeo athletes.

It was an off-Reecer Creek meeting of the Reecer Creek Rod, Gun, Working Dog and Outdoor Think Tank Benevolent Society. The subject on the floor was our coming 2018-19 El Niño winter, and concerns about outdoor activity and hypothermia.

Ellensburg’s Run for the Brave 2018 would like to thank the community for their support of this charity 5K run/ walk which was held on Sunday October 14. Over 100 people (and a few dogs!) participated and more than $3,000 was raised that day.