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n “Craft in the real world: rethinking fiction writing and workshopping,” by Matthew Salesses. Catapult, c2021.

n “Earth energy meditations: awaken your root chakra — the foundation of well-being,” by Susan Shumsky. Weiser Books, c2021.

n “Flex: reinventing work for a smarter, happier life,” by Annie Auerbach. HarperCollins Publishers, c2021.

n “Land: how the hunger for ownership shaped the modern world,” by Simon Winchester. Harper, c2021.

n “The little book of cottagecore: traditional skills for a simpler life,” Emily Kent. Adams Media, c2021.

n “The new climate war: the fight to take back our planet,” by Michael E. Mann. PublicAffairs, c2021.

n “Stuff you should know: an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things,” by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant with Nils Parker. Flatiron Books, c2020.

n “Under a white sky: the nature of the future,” by Elizabeth Kolbert. Crown, c2021.

n “Unstoppable: discover your true value, define your genius zone, and drive your dream career Tracy Timm. Page Two Books, c2020.

n “When brains dream: exploring the science and mystery of sleep,” by Antonio Zadra and Robert Stickgold. W. W.Norton & Company, c2021.

n “The complete guide for people with Parkinson’s disease and their loved ones,” by Lianna Marie. Purdue University Press, c2020.

n “50 do-it-yourself projects for keeping goats: fencing, milking stands, first aid kit, play structures, and more!” by Janet Garman, Timber Creek Farm. Skyhorse Publishing, c2020.

n “Finding Murph: how Joe Murphy went from winning a championship to living homeless in the bush,” by Rick Westhead. HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, c2020.

n “48: an experiential memoir on homelessness,” by Dr. Sheldon A. Jacobs. Archway Publishing, c2020.

n “The power age,” by Kelly Doust ; illustrated by Jessica Guthrie. Apollo Publishers, c2020.

n “The purpose of power: how we come together when we fall apart,” by Alicia Garza. One World, c2020.

n “Rootbound: rewilding a life,” by Alice Vincent. Canongate, c2020.

n “Sing backwards and weep: a memoir,” by Mark Lanegan. Hachette Books, c2020.

n “So to speak: 11,000 expressions that’ll knock your socks off,” by Shirley Kobliner and Harold Kobliner, Ph.D. Tiller Press, c2020.

n “The unexpected guest: how a homeless man from the streets of L.A. redefined our home,” by Michael Konik. Diversion Books, c2020.

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