The Kittitas community is rallying to help Brenda McPherson and her husband, Ty, by raising funds to help with Brenda’s medical costs.

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The Kittitas community is rallying to raise funds for a longtime resident who is in the hospital with serious injuries from a Tuesday evening collision, raising over $7,500 as of Friday afternoon.

According to a Gofundme account set up for Brenda McPherson by her sister, she was airlifted to a hospital in Seattle after Tuesday’s incident and is currently in the Intensive Care Unit with skull and facial fractures, a punctured lung, injuries to the spleen and carotid artery and bleeding to the brain.

“Her current prognosis is encouraging,” the fundraiser statement said. “She is awake and talking. That being said, she does not have health insurance and the medical debt for her hospital stay and recovery is anticipated to be extraordinary.”

The fundraiser asks that in lieu of bringing food items for the family, that residents who want to help the cause donate money to the fundraiser to help with the medical expenses.

“We also ask that people outside of family avoid reaching out to the family for updates and look to this campaign for updates instead,” the statement said.


Community member and friend Jami Truax said a close-knit group of women have banded together since the beginning of the pandemic to help each other out in true small-town fashion.

“That’s what we’re doing now to support Brenda and Ty,” she said. “We’ve got a benefit fund for her at Cashmere Valley Bank, and we are also going to put donation jars out around town. We’ve put two people in charge of making the jars and checking them.”

Truax said the group is looking into ideas for fundraisers to help the couple.

“I manage Smoke and Barrels in Kittitas and I’m kicking around ideas with the owners for doing a fundraiser type of event there, but we don’t have anything set yet,” she said.

Truax said the group plans on putting one of the collection jars in Brenda’s booth in 40 Thieves Thrift Market in Kittitas, where people can either purchase her art or donate cash funds.

“Everything that is sold out of her booth goes directly to her,” she said.

Truax teared up as she described the work that the McPhersons have done to keep Main Street alive in Kittitas.

“They’ve been pillars in our community,” she said. “They have done so much for the community of Kittitas with Christmas in Kittitas and the burnouts. Three buildings have been restored down there have all been due to them. We feel like they have given so much to the community, it’s time for us to rally around them. Brenda has one of the biggest, kindest hearts of anyone I’ve ever met. She deserves this and more, they both do. ”

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