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Preliminary vote for Kittitas County races as of Friday, according to the Kittitas County Auditor’s Office.

Vote totals for the following races are:

Kittitas County Commissioner District 1

Cory Wright (R) 13,011 votes (59.66%)

Kristin Ashley (R) 8,585 votes (39.37%)

Kittitas County Commissioner District 2

Laura Osiadacz (R) 14,511 votes (66.6%)

Jerry Martens (R) 7,053 votes (32.37%)

Kittitas County Sheriff

Clay Myers (R) 16,022 votes (70.11%)

Bart Olson (R) 6,638 votes (29.05%)

Kittitas County Public Utility District Commissioner 1

Rick Catlin 11,751 votes (57.89%)

Patrick Kelleher 8,438 votes (41.57%)

Legislative District 13, State Representative Position 1

Districtwide vote totals

Tom Dent (R) 39,300 votes (70.98%)

Eduardo Casteñeda-Dîaz 16,019 votes (28.93%)

Kittitas County vote totals

Tom Dent (R) 15,845 votes (64.45%)

Eduardo Casteñeda-Dîaz (D) 8,723 votes (35.48%)

Legislative District 13, State Representative Position 2

Districtwide vote totals

Alex Ybarra (R) 45,188 votes (97.77%)

Kittitas County vote totals

Alex Ybarra (R) 18,890 votes (97.25%)

Congressional District 8 U.S. Representative

Districtwide vote totals

Kim Schrier (D) 210,200 votes (51.8%)

Jesse Jensen (R) 195,041 votes (48.06%)

Kittitas County vote totals

Jesse Jensen (R) 13,878 votes (55.33%)

Kim Schrier (D) 11,164 votes (44.51%)

U.S. President

Kittitas County vote

Donald Trump/Michael Pence (R) 13,788 votes (53.86%)

Joseph Biden/Kamala Harris (D) 11,004 votes (43.02%)

According to the auditor’s website, there are 562 ballots yet to be counted. Voter turnout is at 85.07%. The next vote count will be Nov. 17. The election will be certified on Nov. 24.


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