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30 years ago

Thanksgiving took on new meaning for Jerry and Carol Alldredge — their house on North Water Street burned. The fire grew quickly destroying the front of the house in about 30 minutes and leaving extensive smoke damage. No one was home and there were no injuries. A planned Thanksgiving feast in the house was canceled, but in the midst of personal tragedy, Jerry Alldredge said his family is here and his kids are here. The cause and amount of damage had not be determined.

— Nov. 23, 1991

75 years ago

An all-time November record snowfall of 10.7 inches fell in the Kittitas Valley in a 24-hour ending at 10:30 am. Snow covered the valley to a depth of 12 inches. In downtown Ellensburg the city streets cleared snow piling it in the center of the streets to clear traffic lanes and during the afternoon, workers will scoop up the mid-street barriers of snow.

— Nov. 22, 1946

100 years ago

The mercury was recorded at a new low record for the season this morning being one above zero. the previous low record for the season was seven above recorded yesterday. Farmers of the valley are almost snowbound although a number are coming to town as necessary on sleds pulled by horse team. Rural mail carriers made a valiant effort to cover their routes but none of the four were able to completely get around.

— Nov. 23, 1921

Monica Mersinger is a historic preservationist documenting Northwest history, photography and is a local history columnist for the Daily Record.

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