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20 years ago

The City of Ellensburg announced that Robert Schmidt has been selected to fill the vacant fire chief’s position. Schmidt, 47, was the Fire Chief of Livingston, Mont. He will begin his duty as fire chief on September 24.

— August 10, 2001

50 years ago

Kittitas County is one of 19 counties in the state in which the 1972 property taxes may need to be adjusted in order to tax everyone equally. A “rollback” for taxpayers would be for those property owners revalued upward in the last year. Relief would only be for one year, however. The rollback is due to an error in State regulations.

— August 10, 1971

75 years ago

The Ellensburg consolidated school district announced that the two-room school building in the Ridgeway district, which was recently disorganized and annexed to the Ellensburg District, will be used as an elementary school when the term opens in September. Children in the first four grades who live west of the Northern Pacific Railway will be transported to the Ridgeway school.

— August 9.1946

100 years ago

Sidney Gerberg and his brother were sitting, resting calmly near the road up to Manastash when they saw a rattlesnake a few feet from them. Needless to say they didn’t linger on the spot after they had killed the snake. They do have 10 rattlers as a souvenir of their trip. R. E.Ford had the same experience Sunday afternoon when he was fishing in the Nanum, only he got three rattlesnakes when the largest having 10 rattlers and the next largest eight. Ford killed them all with a stick. This time of year the snakes are blind and are all the more dangerous for this reason.

— August 9, 1921

Monica Mersinger is a historic preservationist documenting Northwest history, photography and is a local history columnist for the Daily Record.

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