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20 years ago

Work is near complete on the diversion and trenching project on the Yakima River aimed at eliminating erosion along with South Cle Elum Bidge pillars and providing trenches for utility crossings in the river.

— January 11, 2001

30 years ago

The Clymer Foundation recently had the John Clymer family visiting the area including Clymer’s wife, Doris. The family has given many gifts to the Clymer Museum/Gallery named for the late John Clymer, the renowened western artist who was born and raised in Ellensburg.The Clymer Museum/Gallery is currently working to renovate the historic downtown Ramsay Building to house the museum and gallery which will be opened late this summer.

— January 11, 1991

50 years ago

The 40-unit housing project in Cle Elum will begin construction. The housing unit will be for those over 62 years old or the handicapped. The one-bedroom units will rent for a low as $45 per month and include all utilities except phone. The units will also be furnished with stove, refrigerator, carpet and drapes and will include a recreation center and laundry facilities.

— January 11, 1971

75 years ago

There was an unusual call to the emergency line at the telephone company when a man called about his dairy cows. When the telephone company operator said the line was for emergencies only, the man answered it was an emergency. The cows have to be milked!

— January 11, 1946

100 years ago

With the addition of three new recruits, the Machine Gun Company will be at full peace time strength, with 57 men.

— January 10, 1921

Monica Mersinger is a historic preservationist documenting Northwest history, photography and is a local history columnist for the Daily Record.


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