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20 years ago

Talk about bad timing. Paul Rogers of Ellensburg was elected president of the Washington Public Utility Districts Association on the very last day of December when wholesale electricity prices shot through the roof. Power-strapped California began importing electricity from the Northwest, instead of sending power our way as the southern state usually does this time of year. Meanwhile, winter rains never arrived to refill the reservoirs for Washington’s hydroelectric system and now Rogers finds himself at the helm of the state’s largest electric utility organization in the midst of a full blown energy crisis.

— April 6, 2001

30 years ago

The Kittitas County Fair Board announced will open the Fair at noon Thursday this year, giving locals more time to enjoy the activities before the onslaught of out-of-town visitors hit the town.

— April 5, 1991

50 years ago

Important steps in stopping a burning garbage dump was taken by the city of Ellensburg and Kittitas County when an agreement was signed to operate a landfill at the west I-90 Interchange with the Ellensburg Disposal Co., Jim Hinckle, owner, to operate the site. The city will pay 82% of the cost with the county paying 18%.

— April 6, 1971

75 years ago

A 65-cent hourly minimum wage — the highest in the nation — was ordered for approximately 185,000 women not employed on the state’s farms or in homes. In addition, the new order sets a maximum 8 hour work day and a basic work week of 40 hours, with overtime paid at a rate of time and a half. The new rate of pay will be effective June 5.

— April 6, 1946

100 years ago

A total of 12,700 lineal feet of sidwalk paving was adopted by Ellensburg City Council and will all be proceeding to lay out improvement districts. Details of the sidewalks by improvement districts were listed.

— April 5, 1921

Monica Mersinger is a historic preservationist documenting Northwest history, photography and is a local history columnist for the Daily Record


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