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n “The bone-strength plan: how to increase bone health to live a long, active life,” by Jo Travers. Orange Hippo!, c2021.

n “Confident women: swindlers, grifters, and shapeshifters of the feminine persuasion,” by Tori Telfer. Harper, c2021.

n “Controlling women: what we must do now to save reproductive freedom,” by Kathryn Kolbert & Julie F. Kay. Hachette Books, c2021.

n “The man who hated women: sex, censorship, and civil liberties in the Gilded Age,” by Amy Sohn. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, c2021.

n “Notes from the bathroom line: humor, art, and low-grade panic from 150 of the funniest women in comedy,” edited by Amy Solomon. Harper Design, c2021.

n “Prey tell: why we silence women who tell the truth and how everyone can speak up,” by Tiffany Bluhm. Brazos Press, c2021.

n “The princess spy: the true story of World War II spy Aline Griffith, Countess of Romanones,” by Larry Loftis. Atria Books, c2021.

n “Sidelined: sports, culture, and being a woman in America,” by Julie DiCaro. Dutton, c2021.

n “Stand up and shout out: women’s fight for equal pay, equal rights, and equal opportunities in sports,” by Joan Steidinger. Rowman & Littlefield, c2020.

n “What fresh hell is this?: perimenopause, menopause, other indignities, and you,” by Heather Corinna. Hachette Go, c2021.

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