Ron Slater

Ron Slater operates heavy machinery in Bermuda at the Kindley Air Force Base in this 1965-67 photo.

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Dear Kittitas:

Over 20 years ago I found myself seriously injured with both, a broken neck and back. After months of medical care, thereby, and rest, I recovered, but never again would I be allowed to inter sports of any kind, or any aggressive activities bringing possible neck trauma.

At 65 years of age my career as a equipment contractor, helicopter flight instructor, and provider was over. My medical coverage that I had for over 50 years was over as well, having now no coverage or protection for myself or family. During this time I was informed cancer, diabetics, and high blood pressure, was present. For the first time in my adult life I had ran out of money, employment, athletic health, and ammunition. I was defeated.

After explaining my defeated bleak future to the V.A veteran’s representative in Cle Elum, he carefully documented my military duties and assignments of nine years. I would be directed and ordered to dispose of, burn all the military fluids, numerous barrels of Agent Orange, toxic medical waste, base garbage, and asbestos. This work was done for several months in uniform or street cloths without any protection, decontamination, or PPE. Total time: Three years in what we now call Military burn pits. All this time of interview the V.A. representative was informed, knowledgeable, understanding, and positive, always encouraging me to never quit my claim for full medical care and protection from high toxic exposure. Over the years of endless claims and denials, he became my greatest supporter and friend.

On December 27, 2020, my friend (Sam Talerico) U.S. Marine WW2 veteran and protector of all veterans, at the age of 95, passed away, always believing my photos, and information of high toxic exposure and illness result, never knowing or hearing the final story.

It is my final responsibility to you, my fellow veterans, that high chemical or toxic waste exposure has finally been recognized by the courts and U.S. military as severely lethal and the cause of several ailments of death. Eleven days of exposure or more is lethal. My three years has changed my life forever.

In the Senate of the United States—117th Cong., 1d Sess. House bill S. 4393 Burn Pitt act, you will see soon the recognition of our exposure and sacrifice, and twenty years of denials, finally recognized and approved. There is more than one way to become wounded serving your country. Sam Talerico made me recognize more and more To never quit. I will miss him forever.

Ronald Arthur Slater

Cle Elum


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