Feb. 16 Audubon

Rich Layman and Lesley McGalliard are featured in this month’s Audubon Zoom presentation talking about their time spent in northern Guatemala.

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Lesley McGalliard, Kittitas Audubon program chairman, and husband, Rich Layman, have been working in training of health promoters in rural northern Guatemala for almost 20 years. They lived there from 2002-05, and since then have had the opportunity to get to know the area, and its birds and flora, quite well.

Join Kittitas Audubon Society for its virtual Zoom monthly program 7 p.m. Thursday. where McGalliard and Layman will highlight some of the many species that they have come to know and love, and answer any questions about the forests, ruins, fields and wetlands. Or perhaps you have questions about the people, or about traveling there yourself some day.

Northern Guatemala, or the Petén, as the department is known, is Guatemala’s largest, and consists of hot, humid lowlands transected by lakes and rivers. It is also home to what was once the largest neotropical forest north of the Amazon, and nearly all of the Guatemalan archaeological wonders of the ancient Mayan civilization. It is an interesting place with interesting birds, both native and winter migrants.

Everyone is welcome to join the Zoom program. If you’d like to attend, email: kittitasaudubon@hotmail.com and a link will be sent to you for the program.

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