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The identities of two adults drowned while fishing in the Yakima River have been released, and the body of a juvenile drowning victim has been recovered from Lake Cle Elum, according to a news release from the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office.

The families of two adults who were discovered drowned in the Yakima River on Thursday afternoon have been contacted and their identities confirmed. Theresa Allbery, 56, and Kenneth Hasling, 62, resided in the Cle Elum area and were fishing on a rented framed raft when their vessel became lodged in a tree hazard in the river south of the Ringer Loop boat launch south of Ellensburg. They were taken under water and entangled in the tree hazard when their raft took on water, and were discovered later by a group of recreational floaters on the river.

The body of a 15-year old boy who drowned on Thursday afternoon near the Wish Poosh campground at Lake Cle Elum was recovered on Friday with assistance from the Columbia Basin Dive Rescue team.

The young man disappeared under choppy waves when he was swimming with a 14-year-old cousin on Thursday during an annual campout with his extended family. The 14-year old female was pulled from the water in distress; she was treated for hypothermia, transported to KVH and released on Thursday evening.

Deputies continued searching for the boy by boat and drone on Thursday evening without success.

On Friday, the multi-jurisdictional CBDR team arrived from the Tri-Cities to deploy specialized equipment and certified rescue and recovery divers. The uneven bed of the Lake Cle Elum reservoir and sustained high winds created dangerous and low-visibility conditions. The team used a side-scanning sonar towed behind a Sheriff’s Office marine rescue vessel to locate the victim and facilitate his recovery. His family remained on scene through the search and recovery.

In the release, Sheriff’s Office officials said these tragic accidents underline the hazards of all the natural bodies of water in Kittitas County.

“Everyone who decides to recreate in natural waters is asked to learn what they can about the specific hazards involved; use personal flotation devices when required or appropriate; understand the often-underestimated hazard of cold water shock; and stay well within the limits of your abilities,” the release states.


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