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BOULDER, Colo., July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Knowledge Factor, Inc. ("Amplifire"), the leading adaptive eLearning and content creation platform leveraging brain science, has received a strategic investment from Polaris Growth Fund ("PGF"). PGF is a technology-focused private investment firm with over two decades of investing experience. Several customers have also participated in the transaction. Chief Executive Officer Bob Burgin and the existing management team will continue to lead Amplifire.

Founded in 2000, Amplifire's next-generation content creation and performance management technology platform has facilitated more than 3 billion learner interactions and has rapidly become the industry standard in high-stakes workforce training, enabling individuals to learn faster, retain knowledge longer, and perform better. The Amplifire platform uses advances in cognitive and learning science to assess learner knowledge, create a personalized learning pathway, identify and remediate confidently held misinformation — instances where a learner is certain that they are correct but are wrong — and drive successful outcomes.

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