Kittcom received the following calls on Jan. 9-10 (calls are made to the 911 line and the non-emergency business line):

Large piles of hay were reported in the southbound lane of No. 81 Road and Lyons Road.

A vehicle was reported stolen on Stingley Road.

A woman reportedly was observed urinating next to a white Subaru Forester on West University Way.

A man in his 20s wearing a bandana and a camo hoodie reportedly was seen looking in the windows of vehicles parked at an auto mechanic shop on Main Street.

A chocolate Lab reportedly was running loose on East Mountain View Avenue.

Construction equipment reportedly was strewn in the roadway on North Kittitas Street.

A black bull reportedly was loose on the road on Cove Road and Robinson Canyon.

Nine tires reportedly had been dumped on the side of the road on Cassasa Road and Upper Peoh Point Road.

A Honda Accord reportedly had been hit in a parking lot on North Airport Road.

A person reported observing a van possibly an armored car with no logo, drive by on East Dean Nicholson Boulevard. The passenger was wearing a mask and appeared to have red around the neck. The reporting party was concerned the passenger could be dead.

A Buick SUV parked on East 18th Avenue reportedly was sprayed with bear spray.

A hit and run was reported on South Canyon Road.

Trucks reportedly were drag racing on Milwaukee Avenue in South Cle Elum.

Two dogs reportedly were loose on Pearl Street.

Two explosions were reported on West Garfield Avenue.

A loud karaoke machine was reported on Pearl Street.

A man reportedly walked his dog in the reporting party’s yard, let the dog defecate and then left on Pearl Street. The reporting party followed the man and confronted him. After the reporting party returned home, the man, his dog and his wife returned and were threatening.

A hit and run was reported on West First Street in Cle Elum.

A woman reported a man and a woman on the south side of her building on South Pearl Street calling her obscene names. The man was carrying a clarinet or a saxophone and she could hear him playing.

A Jeep Patriot reportedly was struck by a Honda Civic SUV on East Helena Avenue.

A man with multiple tattoos reportedly attempted to hand a meth pipe to an employee of a Main Street business to dispose of it.

A woman reported she got kicked out a bar on Fourth Avenue and wanted to talked to law enforcement about a racist conversation she had been involved in with other customers.

There was a report that a man with a white beard driving a black Toyota with a white canopy was pretending to be the reporting party’s Uber driver and was trying to convince them to get into the vehicle.

A woman, between 18 and 22 years old, reporting came into a West University Way business and asked if she could sleep in the store. She was told no and went outside and fell asleep between the two Red Boxes outside the store.

A vehicle reportedly rolled over on Deer Creek Road.


Kittcom received the following calls on Jan. 9-10 (calls are made to the 911 line and the non-emergency business line):

A brush fire was reported on Interstate 90, mile post 117.


The following people were booked in Kittitas County Jail from Jan. 9-10 (Bail and arresting agency information not available for all bookings):

A 32-year-old Maple Valley man was arrested by Kittitas County Sheriff’s deputies for failure to comply with pay or appear. Bail $600.

A 34-year-old Yakima man was arrested by Kittitas County Sheriff’s deputies for probation violation for third-degree driving with a suspended license. Bail $15,000.


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