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Kittcom received the following calls on June 2-3 (calls are made to the 911 line and the non-emergency business line):

A woman reportedly was walking down the road checking mailboxes on Cove Road.

A horse reportedly was loose on the side of the roadway on Parke Creek Road.

A silver Schwinn bicycle was reported stolen on East 18th Avenue.

A bench reportedly was spray painted with blue pant on East University Way.

“Remember George Floyd” reportedly was painted in purple spray paint on concrete on East 11th Avenue.

A pot-bellied pig reportedly was in a reporting party’s yard on Three Lakes Road near Cle Elum. The owner was unknown and the big was friendly.

A non-injury collision reportedly was blocking a car wash machine on South Main Street.

There was a third-party report of Antifa subjects entering Ellensburg from Yakima.

An emaciated brown dog was reported in the roadway on Hanson Road and Brown Road.

Graffiti was reported on rocks on Cooper River Trail.

A Lab was in a parked silver Jeep Liberty in a parking lot on South Water Street. The dog did not appear in distress but it was panting. The windows were open a crack.

A collision was reported on East University Way and North Walnut Street.

A silver SUV reportedly was shadowing protesters on South Chestnut Street.

A chainsaw and 90-piece tool kit were reported stolen from the back of a pickup on North Pine Street.

A male subject reportedly attempted to get into a neighbor’s woodshed and then jumped the fence and ran into the woods on Sixth Street in South Cle Elum.

A reporting party saw and man in his 20s in a blue shirt and jeans ran across Madison Avenue in South Cle Elum. The reporting party did not recognize the man.

There was a report of small black car with a dog in the passenger seat in the handicap parking spot on South Main Street in Kittitas. The driver was inside an establishment drinking and is not handicapped.


Kittcom received the following calls on June 2-3 (calls are made to the 911 line and the non-emergency business line):

No fire calls were reported in this time period.


The following people were booked in Kittitas County Jail from June 2-3 (Bail and arresting agency information not available for all bookings):

No arrests were reported in this time period.


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