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Police | Kittcom received the following calls on March 21-23 (calls are made to the 911 line and the non-emergency business line):

  • A vehicle reportedly was driving through the driving range on South Thorp Highway.
  • Vandalism was reported in the kitchen on the first floor of a building on East Dean Nicholson Boulevard.
  • A man reported he was almost hit by a taxi when in a crosswalk on Wildcat Way. The driver said did not see him.
  • A man reported his neighbor was shooting guns and disturbing his animals on Upper Peoh Point Road.
  • A motorhome reportedly was blocking the stop sign on West Sixth Avenue and North Nanum Street.
  • A large brown/white dog reportedly was walking in the roadway on Naneum Road and Vantage Highway.
  • There was a report of an ongoing problem with juveniles ringing the doorbell and running away on Stonebridge Street.
  • A man reportedly was shooting a compound bow at hay bales in a pickup in a parking lot behind a motel on South Canyon Road.
  • There was a report of an ongoing problem with someone dumping garbage into a box truck on South Main Street.
  • Multiple traffic cones reportedly were in the roadway on South Main Street.
  • An assault was reported on North Spokane Street.
  • Irrigation pipe reportedly was broken on East Queen Place.
  • A pickup reportedly drove off the roadway on Canyon Road.
  • The traffic signal reportedly was no cycling properly on West First Street and North Main Street.
  • A vehicle reportedly struck a cement piling head on in a parking lot on West First Street in Cle Elum.
  • An injured owl was reported at Big Pines Campground on state Route 821.
  • An injured eagle was reported on state Route 821 and Thrall Road. The eagle tried to fly away but was unable. It was in the bushes on the north side of the pond.
  • A collision was reported on Fairview Road.
  • An ATV reportedly was on fire in the middle of a field off of Wade Road.
  • A woman reportedly has made a bed in front of City Hall and is yelling at people.
  • A non-injury collision was reported on South Water Street.
  • A man reportedly took a burrito and cigarettes from a business on West First Street in Cle Elum without paying. He came back five minutes later and asked for a lighter. He was told he needed to pay and left again.
  • A man reportedly walked by and pointed a firearm toward a trailer park on Cascade Court.
  • A tree reportedly was across the road on Tree Farm Road in Easton.
  • A vehicle reportedly was blowing through stop signs at 60 mph on Lyons Road and Fairview Road. This has been going on, usually daily, for the past couple of years, and occurs with four different cars.
  • A vehicle reportedly was stuck in the snow on French Cabin Creek.
  • Two people near a beach off of Lake Cabins Road reportedly could hear a party and a girl yelling “help” repeatedly.
  • Trees reportedly had fallen across West Taneum Road.
  • A dead cat reportedly was found in a yard on North Sprague Street.
  • An attempted burglary was reported on Mountain River Trails.
  • Juveniles reportedly spray painted a fence on South Chestnut Street.
  • A white cardboard box with ammunition and a handgun reportedly was left on East 18th Avenue.
  • A loaded handgun with the serial number possibly scratched was found in a motorhome that was a hulk vehicle on Emerson Road.
  • A dead gray cat was reported on the sidewalk on North Pine Street and East Sixth Avenue.
  • A burglary was reported on West Davis Street in Cle Elum.
  • A backpack reportedly was stolen out of a vehicle on South Canyon Road.
  • Loud music reportedly was coming from a house on East Capitol Avenue. The residents also had a sign outside that said to honk as you pass.
  • A hit and run was reported on South Main Street.
  • A young man reportedly was riding his bike down the middle of the roadway on South Thorp Highway and swerving into the coming traffic.
  • A motorcycle reportedly was hit and knocked over by a Kia on North Walnut Street.
  • A reporting party reported doing a video chat through the “hang outs” app and someone took a video of the reporting party in a compromising manner and was they were threatening to share the video online with the reporting party’s fiancee unless paid $3,000 to not post video.
  • A collision was reported on Chestnut and Capitol.

Fire | Kittcom received the following calls on March 21-23 (calls are made to the 911 line and the non-emergency business line):

  • A controlled burn reportedly was out of control on Lower Peoh Point Road.
  • A ditch reportedly was on fire on Whiskey Creek Lane.
  • A grass fire was reported on Tucker Lane.
  • An outside fire was reported on Cascadia Lane.
  • A ditch fire reportedly got out of control on Game Farm Road.

Arrests | The following people were booked in Kittitas County Jail from March 21-23 (Bail and arresting agency information not available for all bookings):

  • A 37-year-old Yelm woman was arrested by State Patrol troopers for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Bali $20,000.
  • A 30-year-old Ellensburg man was arrested by Ellensburg Police officers for second-degree assault. Bail $10,000.
  • A 28-year-old Ellensburg woman was arrested by Ellensburg Police officers for fourth-degree assault/domestic violence. No bail.
  • A fire in a brush line reportedly was out of control on Fairview Road.
  • A group of campers reportedly had a campfire outside of a fire pit on Salmon la Sac Road.
  • A burning slash pile was reported on state Route 97 and South Clarke Street.
  • A controlled burn reportedly was out of control on Clerf Road.
  • A controlled burn reportedly was out of control on Fourth Parallel Road.
  • A trailer reportedly was on fire on Patrick Mine Road in Ronald.


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