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Police | Kittcom received the following calls on May 16-18 (calls are made to the 911 line and the non-emergency business line):

  • The were 30 reports of fraudulent unemployment claims in Kittitas County.
  • An employee in a business on Dolarway reportedly heard a sneeze and whispering inside the building but could not see anyone.
  • There was a report of unattended toddlers in a Suburban on South Water Street.
  • Two juveniles reportedly were on the roof of Tunstall Hall on the Central Washington University campus.
  • A cougar was reported in a backyard on Seattle Avenue.
  • A man reportedly cut a chain lock and broke into school property on South Sampson Street.
  • A man reported his wife was driving their Toyota Rav4 at more than 100 mph and would not turn down the radio on Interstate 90, mile post 130.
  • Neighbors reportedly were throwing branches into the river causing a buildup on Pebble Beach Drive outside Cle Elum.
  • A Saturn reportedly backed into a Chevrolet Cruise on Water Street.
  • A burglary was reported on Kachess Lake Road.
  • Mail reportedly stolen on Westside Road outside Cle Elum.
  • There was a report that a man had not trimmed his bushes on Hanson Road and it was causing a traffic hazard.
  • A pontoon boat reportedly was stolen on state Route 821, mile post 20.
  • Branches reportedly were obscuring a stop sign on West 13th Avenue and North Delphine Street.
  • A man reportedly was in custody for shoplifting on South Water Street.
  • A hit and run was reported on West First Street in Cle Elum.
  • A man reported his Dino Rossi sign was stolen on Rainier Drive.
  • A group of seven children were riding bicycles in the street with no helmets on West Dry Creek Road.
  • A burglary was reported on East Third Street in Cle Elum.
  • A group of 10 people reportedly were having a party on East Brighton Loop. No one was wearing a facemask.
  • There was a report of a person shooting a handgun out the window on a Honda Accord northbound on state Route 97.
  • A burglary was reported on North Alder Street.
  • An older man, in his late 30s-40s, reportedly urinated on the side of a building on North Chestnut Street.
  • A German shepherd reportedly was staggering in the roadway on Vantage Highway and North Ferguson Road.
  • Obscenities were written among the chalk art on 18th Avenue and Helena.
  • Two men, who had been drinking, claiming to own nearby property were dragging lumber around and hitting trees on Osprey Drive outside Cle Elum.
  • A man reportedly was hit by a sedan while riding his bike on South Main Street.
  • A riding mower with two flat front tires reportedly was in the middle of the roadway on Upper Peoh Point Road and Mohar Road.
  • A Lexus reported was three or four feet off the roadway, crashed into trees on West Cresto Road and Pine Glen Drive.
  • A chainsaw was reported stolen from a backyard on South Pearl Street.
  • Various red graffiti was reported on Huntzinger Road.
  • A vehicle reportedly ran into a ditch on Teanaway Road.
  • A man reportedly was in a parking lot yelling at nobody on South Main Street.
  • A man reportedly called Kittcom and said he was on meth and wanted to know if he was being talked about on the news on North Kittitas Street. He said people were outside his apartment ready to attack him.
  • Four-wheelers reportedly were speeding on Speelyi Beach on Lake Cle Elum.
  • A vehicle was reported stolen on state Route 821.
  • A counterfeit $100 bill was reported on West First Street in Cle Elum.
  • A man reported his dog was acting weird when he walked back to his room on South Canyon Road. A window to the room was broken and the window had been intact that morning.
  • A flock of ducks was reported on North Ferguson Road.
  • A person reported a concern with a coyote in a field of cows off the John Wayne Trail near Kittitas.
  • A small brown cow was reported in the roadway on Bowers Road and Reecer Creek Road.
  • Someone reportedly was trying to shoot fish with a pellet gun off Umptanum Road.
  • A theft was reported on South Chestnut Street.
  • A picnic table reportedly was broken and the boards used to make skate ramps on West Second Street in Cle Elum.
  • Someone reportedly was passed out, sleeping in a vehicle in the fourth bay of a cash wash on West Capitol Avenue and South Pearl Street.
  • A generator and construction equipment reportedly were stolen on Thorp Cemetery Road.
  • The front of a building was spray painted on Main Street.
  • A tree reportedly fell and knocked down power lines on Heron Drive near Cle Elum.
  • A blue spray painted square body lifted Chevrolet truck reportedly hit a vehicle and then left the scene on Anderson Road.
  • A riding lawn mower was reported stolen on Mohar Road.
  • A woman passenger in a newer silver SUV reportedly appeared to holding what looked like a gun and yelling at the reporting party to pull over on Interstate 90.
  • A large woman with tattoos reportedly was acting erratically and stealing items from a store on South Main Street.
  • A man and woman reportedly could be seen running around a vehicle yelling at each other on Ringer Loop.
  • A man who reportedly had been drinking was talking loudly on a cell phone outside an apartment on East 18th Avenue.
  • A man reportedly called Kittcom and advised that something weird was going on at Roslyn City Hall.

Fire | Kittcom received the following calls on May 16-18 (calls are made to the 911 line and the non-emergency business line):

  • A propane tank reportedly was burning on a hand cart in Cle Elum.
  • A shirtless 30-year-old man in tan pants reportedly was trying to put a fire out on South Water Street.
  • An outside fire was reported on state Route 10.
  • An outside fire was reported on Hannah Road.
  • An outside fire was reported on Lake Cabins Road.
  • An outside fire was reported on Parke Creek Road and Vantage Highway.
  • An outdoor attended fire reportedly has been buying for two days on Roslyn Place.

Arrests | The following people were booked in Kittitas County Jail from May 16-18 (Bail and arresting agency information not available for all bookings):

  • A 41-year-old Wenatchee man was arrested by State Patrol troopers for possession of a stolen vehicle. No bail.
  • A 48-year-old Ellensburg man was arrested by Ellensburg Police officers for two counts third-degree malicious mischief, resisting arrest, two counts second-degree criminal trespassing and third-degree theft. Bail $3,500


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