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The theme of the 2020 Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce tourism campaign is “In Our Ellensburg, it’s Our Pleasure to Have You.”

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“In Our Ellensburg, it’s Our Pleasure to Have You,” is theme of 2020 Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce tourism campaign, according to a news release from the chamber.

The campaign emphasizes Ellensburg’s exceptional customer service and profound kindness in an effort to showcase its welcoming, small-town energy as a tourism driver in itself, according to chamber officials.

This campaign is rooted in Ellensburg ethics and will feature different local tourism-related businesses that are using their products and services to go the extra mile. The main goals are to put faces to names, connect businesses to travelers, and feature the inviting warmth and selfless service that Ellensburg encompasses.

The campaign will break down throughout the year as follows:

n Quarter 1: Guests will be invited to, “Come on In” — to visit and stay in Ellensburg. This introduction will introduce the campaign and will deliver personalized ads to a diverse audience.

n Quarter 2: Campaign content will be focused on “The Difference in The Details” and will showcase examples of businesses that go above and beyond for their customers to offer custom or special products and services.

n Quarter 3: We will shift to featuring “The Little Things.” Similar to demonstrating quality and care put into products and services in the second quarter, this quarter will focus on the people behind the businesses. Stories will be shared about the little things that make our guest’s experience memorable.

n Quarter 4: Wrapping up the campaign, will showcase unique requests from customers and a willing response of something along the lines of, “we’re happy to help.” We will conclude the campaign up by retargeting visitors and encouraging them to visit again.

Chamber officials encourage all tourism-related businesses who are interested in being featured to apply by visiting

For information contact Madison Ford at or by calling 509-925-2002 x 32.


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