Brookside Funeral Home and Crematory

The Mohler family and Brookside staff took part in a ground breaking ceremony for the new Brookside Funeral Home and Crematory under construction on Mountain View Avenue in Ellensburg.

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The new Brookside Funeral Home and Crematory under construction on Mountain View Avenue will provide about five times the space available at its current Ellensburg location as well as expand the level of services.

A ground breaking ceremony for the project was held Monday, but construction was already underway with foundation work in progress. Brookside will be in the in street-facing lot in front of the Grand Meridian Theater.

The new 4,000 square football facility will replace Brookside’s 800 square foot location at 101 W. Second Ave.

“We expect to be completed late spring, early summer (2020),” said Brookside owner Jamin Mohler.

The new location significantly enhances the visibility of the business — from the low-traffic volume of Second Avenue to a high profile location on Mountain View Avenue.

“I’ve had people who have lived in Ellensburg there entire lives tell me they had no idea we were in Ellensburg,” Mohler said.


The new facility will have a viewing room, a full-sized chapel equipped with audio and video amenities, as well as a kitchen.

The facility also will have rooms for preparation, embalming and cooling, something the current facility lacks.

“Right now all the bodies have to go to Moxee,” Mohler said. “With the new facility, we’ll be able to handle everything in house.”

Kohler and his wife, Kara, own Brookside Funeral Homes in Ellensburg and Moxee, and recently purchased Shaw and Sons Funeral Home in Yakima. Jamin Mohler grew up in Ellensburg.

The Mohlers purchased purchased the business in Ellensburg a year and a half ago. Jamin Mohler said the new facility responds to a need.

“There’s an increased demand for the community to have options,” Mohler said.

Amy McGuffin, Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce chief executive officer, said the investment in the business, first under the ownership of Dick and Janet Roy Knautz as Affordable Funeral Care and now under the ownership of Mohlers, has long been supportive of the community.

“With your new development here today, you truly are the representation of community oriented business in Kittitas County,” McGuffin said. “We are eager to see the finalization and growth of Brookside Funeral Home and we are proud to have you as a member, both of the Chamber, and of Kittitas County.”

Mohler with the space, kitchen and amenities, it can be used for community events as well.

“We view this as a community center,” Mohler said.


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