Curry restaurant

Food handler/cashier Seth McGuire and manager/owner Vasanthi Nataraja stand in front of the food warmers at SV’s Curry Masala on Main Street.

A new restaurant for “the working-class people” has opened up on Main Street. SV’s Curry Masala opened its doors Dec. 27 at 303 N. Main St. to serve authentic Indian food to Ellensburg.

Owner/manager Vasanthi Nataraja said the kitchen at the restaurant has not been completed yet, so the food is cooked off site and then brought to the location, where it is kept warm and then served to customers.

The restaurant is very new, there is no seating areas, although depending on business there may be some in the future. The food is currently only takeout, and is designed for the working-people to be able to come in and grab a to-go box on their lunch break. The menu is also small as of now, there are currently only three main courses, vegetable, chicken and lamb curry all with the same sides of Naan bread, rice, chickpeas, dates/pickles and a drink.

Nataraja’s target customers are not only the working-class but also students from the university. She recently added a cheaper option to her menu that is simply rice or Naan and a curry of your choosing.

She said that she might add a large family combo to the menu farther down the road because the take-out style of restaurant encourages people to buy in bulk for their friends and family.

“I don’t make many dishes because it is hard to do it,” Nataraja said. “I don’t want people to come in and have to wait three hours while we are in the kitchen. This is very fast.”

Nataraja said she got the idea to open a restaurant after bringing in home-cooked food to her husband and everyone else at his office at the Central Washington University. She said that everyone at the University loved the curry and that gave her the inspiration to open her own business.

“I think why not create this (restaurant), and then the people like the food, many people like Indian food I have come to know. So that’s how I got the idea to open,” Nataraja said. “It took a long time for me to open, when I started, I came to know it was not a small job. It was almost four to five months I struggled with this. Even though my kitchen is not ready yet, because of the plumbing and things like that, but I will do it.”


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