Patty Cakes

Patty Cakes at the Ellensburg Farmers Market.

Going to the farmer’s market this Saturday? Definitely get your coffee beforehand, bring your reusable bags, and maybe even your in-laws, but don't eat breakfast.

Why, you might ask? Because new to the market this year, we have Patty Cakes pancakes to meet all your breakfast needs. Owned and operated by Patrick Lease, with help from his family and girlfriend, Patty Cakes offers a variety of fresh on the griddle pancakes, with their best seller being a classic blueberry pancake.

When asked where he got the idea to make pancakes, Patrick said that the idea started off as a bit of a joke between friends, but he soon discovered that there could be an actual market for pancakes, and the idea soon became a reality.

Currently, Patty Cakes can be found only in Ellensburg at the Ellensburg Farmers Market, but there are plans to expand Patty Cakes into a food truck.

“We are always looking to expand,” said Patrick when asked about the future of Patty Cakes. “We are hoping to add vegan, and gluten free pancakes, and maybe even waffles and desserts."

Most importantly though, Patrick mentioned that he wants to have pancakes for everyone, whether you are a fan of blueberry, chocolate chip, or strawberry, Patty Cakes aims to have pancakes for all.


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