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Business enterprises are always stronger when they are formed under friendships, and a local group has set out to do just that.

BSB Facilitators is a consulting company created by three Kittitas County friends, with the goal to make local businesses stronger and more successful. Phil Backlund, his wife, Judy Backlund, and their friend Anthony Stahelski have combined their years of experience with the area that has supported them for decades.

“The three of us, decided that at this point of time in life we have some knowledge and information we have gained over the years to share with people, and all three of us have been here locally for quite a long time and wanted to be able to do what we can to support and help local business and perhaps get better at what they do,” Phil Backlund said. “We can do some training that can help those business be more productive, more successful, have better relationships with employees and just overall do better.”

Backlund said they didn’t start the company to make a ton of money, instead the goal was to help the community, and plan to take on some pro bono work for nonprofits in the future.

Although BSB facilitators (named after the initials of its three founders) covers a wide range of consulting options, they have a focus on four areas — meeting management, effective planning, personnel management and relationship improvement.

The three company founders came up with the idea of starting a consultation business last year, and over the course of six to seven months, built it from the ground up. They officially opened April 15. BSB has no storefront and is located online, although the owners will be happy to meet with clients in person to discuss their business and its future.

The future of a company is an important part of effectively planning for a company. Backlund said every organization needs a vision, an end goal of where they want to take their business. The job given to BSB is to help that company find its goal, and to help it reach it.

“You don’t have to be sick to get better,” Backlund said. “There are a lot of organization who are doing fine, but they could do better.”

To help reach the goals created by a company, BSB will help with personnel management. This means creating the right job descriptions to find the right employees, or working with existing employees to help build the skills they need to improve their work.

BSB will also work with managing the meetings of a company. Backlund knows there are a lot of people who hate meetings, so the goal is to make meetings more tolerable or even likable.

Finally, relationships both internally and externally are a large part of a company’s success. BSB plans to help company’s develop relationship skills, and improve a company’s standing in its community and its industry.

All three BSB founders worked at Central Washington University for a number of years, which is where Phil and Judy meet Stahelski. The three have been friends since they met and have decades of experience between them on a variety of topics.

Phil Backlund has been a higher education teacher from 1971 to 2015, and specializes in public speaking and conflict resolution. Judy Backlund has over 30 years of teaching experience and has consulted for educational organizations and served on the board for non-profits. Stahelski has worked consulting, managing and coaching a variety of businesses, and is currently still working at CWU.

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