Nerdcore Toys and Collectibles has moved again, but this time the business owners say it has found its permanent home.

The business that started in a small space in the Geddis Building on Pearl Street, then moved to another location on Pine Street, has settled on Main Street in the building that most recently housed Relics by Those Callahan Girls on Main Street.

Josh Shaw, who owns the business with his wife, Denise, said the moved was related to foot traffic visibility.

“Just lack of foot traffic over on Pine Street,” Shaw said. “Unfortunately, I think Pine Street needs a lot of revitalization.”

The move already has paid dividends.

“To get on Main Street was a non-question,” Shaw said. “As soon as this location became available everything I possibly could to get on it. It has increased our business 10 fold.”

The larger space also allows the business to expand. The store has always host gatherings of game players and tournament, and the new space better accommodates that function.

“Location for gaming that’s the main one and also to increase our product flow, expanding more now into electronic gaming that we didn’t have at all at our Pearl Street location and we just kind of dabbled in it at our Pine Street location and now this a lots me an opportunity to bring in someone who does repairs of electronic games consoles and controllers and all that kind of thing,” Shaw said.


The Main Street space has a front section devoted to retail and an raised section that can host tournaments

“It separates my gaming area from my show room,” Shaw said.

The space is large enough to host regional tournaments.

“I’d always been limited by size,” Shaw said. “There are a couple of other tournament brackets that I can get into that are for larger, regional style tournaments that I was constricted to do by size.”

Also, the Shaws just like being in a historic structure.

“Over on Pearl, the building was 1889 and this one is just about as old,” Shaw said. “We really enjoy it, be part of historical landmark building.”

Their customers have also given the move a thumbs up.

“Everyone that has been our customer, who have followed us from day one over on Pearl Street have raved about how beautiful this space is and this is best location we’ve ever been in,” Shaw said.


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