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Nearly seven months after the planned opening date for Sonic Drive-In, the restaurant will open Monday, Feb. 24. According to area supervisor Andrew Misipeka, they were waiting on internal machines and equipment such as menu boards and soda machines.

Misipeka said once the equipment was installed, they city’s inspection could be done. The building passed inspection Feb. 18 and will spend the rest of the week training employees before it opens Monday.

The official word from Sonic prior to this announcement was the restaurant would not be open until the end of 2020.

“How were we able to open so soon? Tenacity,” Misipeka said. “We were waiting on equipment to come and once it came the process was very easy.”

Misipeka said the building was already put together, so all they needed was to install the equipment, pass inspection from the city and finish training the employees. He said now they have got past the harder stuff, they “can get the ball rolling on everything else.”

Misipeka said they have not been talking with the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce about an opening day ceremony, as they were waiting for inspections before, but they could confirm their opening day. Amy McGuffin with the Chamber of Commerce said they would love the opportunity to have a ribbon cutting event if the restaurant is willing.

“We are excited to open here in Ellensburg,” Misipeka said.


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