Collective Interiors

Renee Fyall, Stephanie Castillo and Sam Mikel are three independent interior designers who will share space in the Arcade Building on Fourth Avenue in Ellensburg.

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Traditionally the list has included Nirvana, the Police, Rush, ZZ Top, Grand Funk Railroad, Cream, the Jimmy Hendrix Experience and even Motorhead, but to the pantheon of power trios can be added Sam Mikel, Renee Fyall and Stephanie Castillo, aka Collective Interiors.

The three are not starting a band but are undertaking a similarly risky venture of starting businesses.

On their own Mikel is Nest Design Studio, Fyall is D.Marie Interiors and Castillo is Rumble Interiors. Collaboratively, they are Collective Interiors.

The three are working to renovate the Arcade Building on Fourth Avenue with the goal of opening by early August. The three will share space, but they remain individual, independent businesses.

“We’re all individual entities and businesses, but we come together collaboratively and beautiful things happen,” Mikel said. “We’re very supportive and we’re doing this space sharing.”

The three stress the power of collaboration, even in a competitive business climate.

“We’re similar enough in our goals and our dreams and kind of desires for the business, but at the same time we’re different enough in our styles so we’re able to connect with clients differently,” Fyall said.

The trio came when Castillo reached out to Fyall. Mikel and Fyall had previously worked together.

“She (Stephanie) had recently finished design school,” Fyall said. “She reached out to me to essentially interview an interior designer and get to know someone locally who is an interior designer because she didn’t know anyone else.”

The pair met for coffee and the connection was quick.

“Twenty minutes later we were — ‘I think we should be in business together,” Castillo said.

Fyall knew who she needed to bring into the mix.

“I said, I think you need to meet Sam,” Fyall said.

Over the next few months the three meet and worked out the details.


The three businesses are independent. Fyall and Castillo will be subletting space from Mikel. In addition to the offices for the three designers, the store will have a retail space.

“The main two big areas are the retail, we’ll have furniture and lighting,” Mikel said.

Mikel said the furniture will be eclectic.

“I want modern, unique pieces you wouldn’t find anywhere,” Mikel said. “And I think we’re nailing that. Our three styles are going to reflect that.”

Fyall said the business will be purchasing from the trades.

“Trade means only sells to the trade. These companies don’t sell to companies like Walmart, Wayfarer,” Fyall said.


The three are interior designers but have their own styles.

Of the three, Fyall has been in business, starting with a wallpaper business and evolving into D.Marie. a full-service interior design firm.

Castillo emphasized the service offered covers a full range and can be catered to fit needs and budgets.

“I am going to do feng shui consulting also restyle, go into someone’s house and use what they have. It’s more of a budget friendly way of designing,” Castillo said.

Fyall can help with projects small and large.

“We’ll help you pick out a couch. It does not have to be full-scale,” Fyall said. “There’s a lot of ways to use our expertise.”


The three also were drawn to the downtown location. Castillo currently is the president of the Ellensburg Downtown Association board and Fyall is an active EDA volunteer.

“One of the reasons I really wanted a space downtown was to get more involved in the downtown community,” Fyall said. “I also want to start hosting events, mainly geared towards local women in business. … A lot of women downtown who own businesses. I really want to get these women together, kind of have these support systems.”

Mikel said the model they are pursuing is a good fit for Ellensburg.

“I think that’s the kind of flavor and influence this community needs. It’s positive, it’s supportive. It’s not competitive or dramatic. We’re doing it and it’s amazing,” Mikel said. “I think we can do some beautiful things in the community for many years to come. We all have our goals and dreams, but we’re a collective. We’re very respectful of each other’s careers and experiences.”


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