The wait is over — almost. Former Downtown Pharmacy pharmacists Ryan Scheffelmaier and Clint Knight are set to open Whole Health Pharmacy at 800 S. Pearl St., Suite 1 in Ellensburg on Monday.

The pair have been working to open their own pharmacy since Downtown Pharmacy closed last fall.

“It was a lot longer process than we hoped. A lot had to with some of the work that had to be done, permits, construction stuff took a little while.” Knight said. “As for the licensing that went pretty well.”

Scheffelmaier insurance contract also took some work.

“Insurance contracts took a little longer and some of them we found out we couldn’t get until we opened,” Scheffelmaier said. “They wouldn’t contract with us until 30 days after. We did learn a lot during the process.”


One point the pharmacists stress, is that people who were Downtown Pharmacy patients and want to start using Whole Health, need to go through the new patient process. All the Downtown Pharmacy patient information was sold to Safeway.

“We did an open house to get people to start getting their demographics again because some people think we already have it from Downtown, which we don’t have anything to do with Downtown anymore,” Knight said.

Scheffelmaier said patients need to bring in identification, a driver’s license and insurance card and fill out a new patient information sheet. The information sheets are available off the Whole Health Facebook page and can be downloaded and filled out prior to a person coming to Whole Health.

He added that the computer system is new and asks that patients be patient as they work through the process.

The location has a drive-through, dedicated parking and handicap-accessible parking.


Since leaving Downtown Pharmacy last fall, Knight and Scheffelmaier have been busy, just not in their accustomed tasks of filling out prescriptions and working with patients.

“There’s been a lot of waiting around but still seems busy because we have to be available for any questions anybody had,” Knight said “Lately last month, month and a half been very busy. There’s a lot to a pharmacy with all kinds of red tape.”

Scheffelmaier is looking forward to Monday morning.

“It’ll be very good. It’ll be good to see patients, it’ll be good to talk to them,” Scheffelmaier said. “I think it’ll be a good process.”

Scheffelmaier and Knight won’t be the only familiar faces people see at Whole Heath. Most of the staff at Downtown Pharmacy has followed to the South Pearl Street location.

“We’re grateful of that. One less thing to worry about. It’s nice to have patients know who they are dealing with, already have a reputation with them,” Scheffelmaier said.


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