Jan Demorest and Steve Moore of Ellensburg joined a “plant safari” of a dozen folks to explore the western part of South Africa by van, from the Cape of Good Hope to the Orange River. Their guide was a botanist from Argentina who organized a two week trip focused on the plant life of this region.

The two will present during the monthly Kittitas Audubon Society program about their journey to South Africa at 7 p.m., Feb. 20 at the Hal Holmes Center in Ellensburg, according to a news release. The event is free and open to the public.

South Africa is an excellent destination for fans of natural variety. Most people go on a safari to see and photograph the large mammals that make Africa famous.

The natural wonders don’t end with the animal life, as green and snowy mountains, vast plateaus, lonely beaches and scorching deserts contain habitats for unusual and colorful birds and a large variety of strange plant life. This region is where familiar house and garden plants such as geraniums, aloes, jade plants and African daisies grow wild.

At the Cape of Good Hope, the Mediterranean climate has fostered the growth of one of the most biodiverse plant communities of the world including thousands of species found nowhere else.

Traveling northward from the Cape, the land becomes arid and home for a large variety of succulent plants which include those with leaves, stems, or roots that can store water.


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