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Every community in the country has been reflecting on racism, what it means, what the right response is, how they feel personally about it and what they can do about it. Kittitas County is no exception.

HopeSource is introducing an opportunity to bring people together in an online forum to talk about these important issues and work as a community to forge a healthy path forward.

The Ally Skills and Community Listening session will be at 6 p.m. Aug. 6 at. Anyone in Kittitas County can register and participate in the facilitated discussion.

“We will prioritize hearing from those who want to speak and share their experience and ideas,” said Susan Grindle, CEO of HopeSource.

Community members can express how they feel about race-related issues in our county and offer thoughts on how individuals and the community at large can respond.

This is the first session; a second session will be held later to focus on next steps. The forum will be moderated by ReadySet, a consulting firm engaged by HopeSource, specializing in diversity, equity and inclusion issues. To learn more about the firm, visit

Local leaders scheduled to participate in the forum include Ken Wade, Chief of the Ellensburg Police Department; Kandee Cleary, Central Washington University Vice President of Inclusivity and Diversity; Mal Stewman, Academic Success Coordinator for student athletes at Central Washington University; Bruce Tabb, Mayor of Ellensburg; Clay Myers, Kittitas County Sheriff; and Julie Peterson, CEO of Kittitas Valley Healthcare.

“Our goal is to create a space for all of us to listen, where we will learn from each other while engaging in a conversation based on empathy and respect,” Grindle said.

To register for the forum: or email

For more information about HopeSource programs, call 509-925-1448.


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