The Jones Family

Three generations of the Jones family, Courtney, Quinn, Evan, Pierson andMary Margaret (left to right) partake in the Sprint Triathlon.

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Families can bond many ways and the Joneses are no exception.

Five members of the Jones family, spreading across three generations, participated in the Ellensburg Sprint Triathlon this past Saturday.

Courtney Jones and his grandson Pierson competed individually while Courtney’s son Evan Jones lead a team made up of his two youngest children, 11-year-old Quinn and 6-year-old Mary Margaret to compete as a relay.

“We do a lot of events as a family,” Evan Jones said. “It’s always been a great way for us to hang out together and 

Courtney Jones, who turned 80 years old this past year, was the oldest participant in the event.

He said he has been involved in triathlon activities after watching his two sons enjoy running during their years in high school.

“I’m a longtime triathlete and I’ve competed in more than 300 triathlons,” Courtney Jones said. “I started when I was 50 years old.” 

He signed up for this first triathlon, which was the first ever Whisky Dick Triathlon and every year since said he tries to do as many as he can.

“A week prior to the Ellensburg Sprint (Triathlon) I was down in Yakima competing in the Valley of the Sun Triathlon,” Courtney Jones said.

Running in high school

Evan Jones started running while attending Ellensburg High School and has never stopped. 

“My younger brother and I started running on the cross country team and soon enough we just started signing up for fun runs and whatever,” Evan Jones said. “Running has always been there because you don’t need much as long as you have a set of running shoes.”

After meeting his wife, Kim, while attending Central Washington University, their dates consisted of running triathlons together. 

“My dad and brother joined us and it became a family affair,” Evan Jones said. 

Sharing their passion

Years passed and Evan and Kim had four kids. Soon enough they were also lacing up their running shoes just like their mom and dad.

“They have been running pretty much from the beginning,” Evan Jones said. “Our youngest, Mary Margaret use to run with us when she was five she even did 5Ks.”

Evan Jones’ middle son, Pierson, who attends Naches Valley High School and is on the cross country team, said he remembers the first time he ran in an event when he was five years old. 

“It was a kids triathlon down in Sun River and I used a tricycle,” he said.

Even when the family leaves the area for vacations, they always try to find some event to run in.

“If there is a fun run or something, we are in it,” Evan Baker said. “It’s a great way to stay in shape.”

No matter what event it is the Joneses run as a family and even when Pierson grows up and starts a family of his own he wants to keep the tradition of running together alive.

“Running brings our family together,” he said. “I love it.”


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