Virginia “GeGe” Coleman

Kids at the Crossroads director Virginia “GeGe” Coleman shares a moment with Nelson, 4, and several other school-age children during a holiday gift-giving trip in the Andes Mountains outside Ayacucho, Peru, in December 2012. Ellensburg Zumba instructor Fabiola Serra will raise money for KATC at a Zumbathon from 8:30-10:30 a.m. Saturday at Memorial Pool in Ellensburg. (Ryan Johnston / For the Daily Record)

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Ellensburg’s Fabiola Serra wears many hats around town. To the fitness minded she is known as a tireless, but joyful, Zumba instructor. To dancers, she is the director of local dance troupe Tusuy Peru. She is known as Professor Serra at Central Washington University, where she teaches introductory-level biology courses. Serra, who has lived in Ellensburg with her husband, Seth Harris, for the past several years, also happens to be Peruvian.

On Saturday, Serra will put her dancing talents to work to promote Kids at the Crossroads, an educational nonprofit, which operates in an impoverished neighborhood in the isolated Andean city of Ayacucho, Peru. Serra, who has put on a number of charitable dance-a-thons in the past, says this one is particularly meaningful.

“I’m just really excited by this, because, you know, it is for Peru, for something I really care about back home … in my other home,” said Serra.

Dancers with a charitable bent can sign up for Saturday’s event at Memorial Pool or by emailing Serra ( or Jessica McKean ( Tickets for the event are $10 if ordered in advance, or $15 at the door Saturday morning.

The event will feature lively Zumba routines led by Serra and backed by upbeat Latin music. Those in attendance should wear cool, comfortable clothing and exercise-appropriate footwear. A swimsuit is needed to participate in the AquaZumba portion of the event.

Editor’s note: Ryan Johnston is a former design editor for the Daily Record. His wife, Meg Anderson-Johnston, was a Spanish teacher at Quincy High School and danced for Tusuy Peru in Ellensburg before they moved to Peru for a year to volunteer for Johnston’s aunt, GeGe Coleman, at Kids at the Crossroads. After getting to know Fabiola Serra in Ellensburg, they visited her family in Lima during their time in Peru.


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