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The world outside is going through a pandemic Christmas, but inside one of the newest historical downtown shops is a breath of creative flare blowing through the 3,000-square-foot House of Hart Boutique at 118 East Fourth Ave.

Designer Erica Hart’s journey brought her to Ellensburg in May and she set up shop on Fourth Avenue with anything from jewelry to handbags, clothing and candles. Her boutique, which opened four weeks ago, features handmade items and home décor.


She hopes to establish design classes, educational opportunities giving Central Washington University students a chance to whet their creative appetite or give someone a chance to find their hidden talents in a changing world.

“I’m a designer. I design anything from jewelry to clothing to accessories. I’m a creator. I like to make things,” said Hart, who graduated with a degree in Apparel Design from Seattle Pacific University. “I do alterations and hope to hold sewing classes when we get a little bit more established.

“It's been a life-long dream to be able to design my own pieces and bring them to your front door.”


As you walk in, you’ll find handmade custom pieces and hand-picked items, anything from accessories, shoes, bags, beauty, snacks, and clothing. Hart believes in the freedom of each individual piece and sees fashion as a way of expressing ourselves.

She opened House of Hart Boutique a few weeks ago on a Saturday during Farmer’s Market weekend to get things going and let the community know there is a new creative boutique opening for the holiday season with handcrafted items. They have local honey and local candles.

“Our emphasis is on local, but also hand-picked items that I can create myself,” Hart explained. “We have kid’s items, a little bit of everything.”


Hart has been establishing her brand online for the past four years, so in some ways, she was established online before the pandemic forced a new normal and a new way of shopping. They have done quite a bit of business online, where customers shop online, pay online, then come to the store for pickup.

“My favorite thing is design. I love to make hand-made pieces. I’m working on a whole headband line,” she said. “I’ve been working on more jewelry to get out. I like design elements.


“We will be doing sewing courses, woodworking or painting courses. We want to bring some fun things to the community. Our idea is to help build the community by offering internships. I had to go intern while I was getting my degree. So, we hope bring something to the community where we can help other people that might be interested in creating a business.”

Erica and her husband, Kendall Hart, have two children, Meadow and William.


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