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Local skaters rallied around Ellensburg Saturday to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The first "Ellensburg Skate Against Hate" was organized by Amber Allphin and Jason Clifton who wanted to combine the movement with something they enjoyed. They saw other cities hosting similar events and knew they should bring it to Ellensburg.

“All the skateboarders in the world are kind of one community,” Clifton said. “We all talk to each other. As soon as I saw one of these go down, I thought ‘Yeah, we should probably do one here.’”

Around 40 people showed up at the Ellensburg Skate Park to show their support. Allphin and Clifton said there were all kinds of people showing up, including families and with young children.

“It was dope, it was pretty cool, a lot of people came who we weren’t expecting,” Allphin said. “There were a lot of people on bikes who you never see at the skate park and I thought that was really cool too, getting more people to show up and interacting with each other and having conversations with people you wouldn’t normally talk to.”

They said the coolest part of the day was seeing young people show up and get really excited to skate and learn about the movement.

The two said they were happy with how the day went, and are considering hosting another event sometime in the future.


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