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Kittcom received the following calls on Oct. 12-13 (calls are made to the 911 line and the non-emergency business line):

n Gravel trucks reportedly were speeding on West Dry Creek Road in Ellensburg at 7 a.m.

n Two men reportedly were messing around with mail boxes on North Alder Street in Ellensburg.

n A bright light was reported in the area of the woods near the intersection at Yellowstone Road and state Route 906.

n Property reportedly was damaged on Sorenson Road overnight. An unknown person reportedly drove through the field and broke irrigation lines.

n A friendly German shepherd reportedly was detained in a house on West Hoffmanville Avenue in Roslyn.

n A phone reportedly was stolen at a friend’s house of which the reporting party does not know the address.

n A woman reportedly followed a caller’s daughter home in her vehicle from the start of the driveway to the end of the driveway to the front of the caller’s home.

n A man reportedly was in custody for felony warrants from Texas, but was too large to fit in the Washington State Patrol vehicle.

n An aggressive dog with elderly owners was reported on Valley View Drive in Ellensburg.

n A Facebook post regarding horses being neglected was reported.

n A caller believed their new tenants have started manufacturing drugs.

n Shoplifting was reported on North Ruby Street.

n A small child on a toy scooter reportedly was almost riding into the roadway on East Patrick Avenue.

n A man reportedly threatened to stab a caller’s boyfriend with a knife and pulled the knife out of his pocket on North Brook Lane.

n A 40-year-old, 5-foot-10 man reportedly was by the dumpsters near the courthouse.

n A loud party with loud music was reported on East Helena Avenue in Ellensburg.

n A black bear was reported near the general store in Ronald.

n A caller reportedly was feeling paranoid, kept whispering to someone but said he was alone. Said he was seeing a spirit.


Kittcom received the following calls on Oct. 12-13 (calls are made to the 911 line and the non-emergency business line):

There were no fire calls during this time period.


The following people were booked in Kittitas County Jail from Oct. 12-13 (Bail and arresting agency information not available for all bookings):

n A 43-year-old Houston, Texas, man was arrested by Washington State Patrol troopers for third-degree assault of a child and being a fugitive from justice. No bail.

n A 22-year-old Ellensburg man was arrested by Ellensburg Police Department officers for second-degree assault. No bail.


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