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In terms of investment, the automobile is the second most expensive item people purchase in their lives, so it only makes sense to maintain it.

Osprey Detailing owner Ryan Cavanaugh has been doing just that since 2017. He recently moved into his new 1,800 square foot new location on North Prospect Street in September and now has the room to spread out his operation, while providing his customers a safe, secure environment while he puts on the shine on and the seal of protection.


“I’m sharing the building with mechanics at the other end. There is a car audio and kit guy is right next to me. So, it’s kind of an automotive area where a bunch of us are working together,” Cavanaugh said. “We’re doing a lot of improvising and making references to each other.”

In a time where money is tight and people are cutting budgets to get by, it might seem that car detailing is a luxury item. Cavanaugh is quick to point out protecting your investment is every bit as important as keeping it looking nice.


“My focus is always on the protection aspect,” he said. “I have every product for the surface inside and outside the car. I not only want to get something clean. I want protection for fabrics or the coating on the outside.

“My intention is to make the car stay in better shape and last longer. The big thing is making sure that it’s water repellent. Dirt will follow that water, so I want to make sure it stays drier. My big thing is to keep it from getting worse.”

Like all small business owners, he is adjusting to the new normal and making adjustments to business during the pandemic. As a one-man show, his adjustments have been relatively easy.


“I would say it’s not been business as usual. I re-emphasized my efforts to make sure everything is clean,” said Cavanaugh. “I make sure I have that last wipe down once I’m all the way off of it.

“The shop is big enough that I don’t interact with people once they drop off their car. I see people for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the afternoon. I don’t have a lot of counter time, so I don’t have that constant contact that other shop owners might have on the front end.”


He provides protection packages, paint corrections, ceramic coatings and car supplies. He provides detail work for cars, boats and ATV/UTV vehicles. He also does specialty work that includes a seven-year warranty.

“I work directly with the manufactures, so one thing I have is a coating product that carries the seven-year warranty on all surfaces, including rips and punctures that can happen,” he said. “I also do a lot of boat work and paint corrections.”

Osprey Detailing is a one-man show done by a hard-working guy trying to keep customer’s investments in it for the long haul.


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