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For locals living on Snoqualmie Pass, it will bring a full grocery store and coffee shop to the community. For visitors tapping into the numerous recreational options or just traveling over the mountain pass, it opens up eating options on the journey.

Either way, the Laconia Market & Café, which is scheduled to open in the historic fire station in mid-September, is a welcome addition. An estimated 300-plus people live at Snoqualmie Pass year-round, but the area hosts thousands of people on its hiking trails, ski areas, and bike paths.

“We have two main groups we plan to serve, locals and people coming over the pass in travel or transit,” co-founder Kirsten Van Swearingen said. “There is a restaurant for dine in and a coffee shop that gets pretty busy. But there’s really not any options for healthy grab-and-go food.

“We’re really excited that the café side of our business will serve items like breakfast sandwiches, deli sandwiches, salads, soups and really healthy options people can take with them. On the grocery side, we know there is no grocery options up at the pass, so now people have a store if they are up here for the day for recreation or an extended stay.”

The Laconia Market & Café is named after the historic train stop at Snoqualmie Pass. The historic fire station building dates back 100 years, according to the developer. The firehouse will also include an Evo Satellite Store and the new National Forest Service Visitors Center.

During the sunny months, there will be a large outdoor seating area with views of the surrounding mountains. It’s also a nice destination for food and drink on a ski or outdoor excursion during the winter season.

Laconia Market & Cafe will offer a selection of groceries with everything from produce, to dairy, dry goods, and household staples, according to the press release.

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