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The owner of the Firehouse has purchased Cannabis Central, the first cannabis dispensary in Kittitas County. The sale was final Nov. 3 and the newly named, The Station, officially opened Nov. 22.

Cannabis Central, 1514 W. University Way, was opened and owned by Rob Hendrix, who has sold the business to pursue other other business interests. He said he was happy to sell the store to Ryan Bean of the Firehouse, and wishes him the best of luck.

“I’m 62 and a half years old, and I kinda wanna be footloose and fancy free,” Hendrix said. “Ryan is a good operator, he operates in town, has been a good steward of the 502 industry, and I felt like he would do a good job in my stead.”

Bean said he bought Cannabis Central because he saw it not only as a good opportunity for his business, but a good opportunity for the town. The dispensary has been renamed, The Station, due to its location near the train tracks, the interior has been lightly remodeled to reflect the train theme and give it a “industrial vibe.”

The outside of the building hasn’t changed much, and is still on University Way next to the Red Horse Diner. However, the inside has been re-painted and given a red and black color scheme.

“It’s just a cool experience because there are not very many retail stores in the cannabis space that have a bar and restaurant on the same property, attached to the railroad line. We tried to theme it, The Station, with a train on the logo,” Bean said. “I thought we could try to tap into that a little bit and make it a cool one-stop destination for good eating and drinking and if you want to, you can hop over to us in the same parking lot and get your cannabis as well.”

Bean said that because they have a backyard at The Station, they will be able to host community events such as live music in the spring and summer. The Station has kept some of the same staff from Cannabis Central, as they know the location and the customers.

“Most everyone who wanted jobs budtender wise came back,” Bean said. “So, we are keeping it in the family.”

Although Hendrix has sold his business, he is not quite ready to retire. He and his wife are going to be looking at some other business options and are thinking about home design and rental. He said his wife has been in this business for years and making the full-time switch would be less like a job and more like taking a hobby to the next level.

“I’ve got some other business interests that my wife and I are going to pursue, but probably not until the first year, so we are kinda sitting back and taking a little break,” Hendrix said. “So yeah, we are going to do some different things, I’m not quite ready to retire to the rocking chair, just retire from cannabis.”

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