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Scott Mayberry stood in the middle of the 420 Loft Gallery on Tuesday afternoon as the weather outside moved the clouds around, altering the lighting in the gallery on Pearl Street.

The gallery’s big windows allow the natural light to blend with the studio lighting, enhancing and altering the exhibit within.

As the curator, Mayberry is responsible for how the exhibit is portrayed, for its character, the overall ambiance of the 35-piece display. In this case, the work on display was his and his wife Robin’s.

“I definitely wanted to make sure people see the colorful design as they come into the gallery,” he said. “I wanted to bring the colors all the way around. There’s a lot of black in this exhibit as well.

“It’s not always normal, but there’s so much black involved in this one.”

The exhibit is a mixture of Scott’s paintings and Robin’s sculpture work, giving the space a nice mixture of visually enhanced emotion from front to back. The space has been dedicated to the local art community since its inception in 2012 with the upstairs remodel.

“With the exception of Donald O’Connor and myself, the exhibits here have most been by women (artists),” Mayberry said. “It’s not always been dedicated to local artists, but it has been for the past couple of years.”

“It’s nice for Robin and I to be able to have a show together.”

On the shelves near the entrance is a space dedicated to saw blades, painted with vivid splashes of color. There are round blades and handsaws depicting colorful scenes.

“The saw blades were in a show a couple of years ago called ‘Sunday Painter,’” Mayberry explained. “My grandma used to paint and I was affected by it because it showed anybody can paint.

“So, I thought of the saw blades with the vivid color that plays off of each other.”

The show is a lively, thought provoking display of color and transcendence. Over the past two years, the Mayberrys have taken the 420 Loft Gallery to a new artistic place.

The 420 Loft Gallery will be closed at the end of the year building owner Mollie Edson said. The final show from Nov. 15 to Dec. 30 will showcase one of the most prolific pairings ever, Edson said, with Don O’Connor’s artwork and Julie Prather’s lamps.

The gallery will also host a celebration of life for the late Don O’Connor, who passed just this year.

The event on Nov. 15 will be followed by special events throughout November with local poetry, music, surrounded by the light reactive media artwork and cut glass lamps of two of the valley’s most prolific artists.

For now, art patrons can enjoy the work of Scott and Robin Mayberry.

Rodney Harwood: award-winning journalist and columnist. Lover of golf and the written word. I can be reached at


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