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Beau Snow is stepping into his new role as Ellensburg High School principal and is excited to use his role as a leader to help guide and implement a new vision for EHS as the school continues to grow on its educational journey.

Snow’s roots are deeply intertwined in the Ellensburg community, having a son enrolled in first grade in the district, a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Central Washington University, and having spent seven years as assistant principal at Ellensburg High School; all forces which are motivating Snow to create an involved community that supports Ellensburg students on their path toward graduation.

“I got into education because I thought teaching kids to learn is probably the most powerful thing you can do and being in a position now of leadership, my goal is to help teachers do that for students,” Snow said. “The only thing better than teaching is to be able to impact a larger number of people to help students in a larger way … that’s the reason I got into education nearly 20 years ago.”

Snow said a change he hopes to see is more of a focus on community and student involvement and he hopes to work on the culture and climate of that relationship. Snow also hopes to push forward in some new directions with staff about how EHS uses meetings and workshops regarding PLC (professional learning community).

Snow said student success is always the goal and one way he hopes to safeguard that is by designing academic courses that resonate strongly with students and future career pathways they hope to pursue, not just the end goal of graduation.

“One of the things that I’m going to be looking really closely at is kind of the pathways or career pathways,” he said. “Making sure that we connect students with classes and things that they’re passionate about and working with the middle school to help identify the things kids are interested in early, so that we can help design academic courses that track.”

When reflecting back, Snow said one of the many roles he often had as assistant principal was the enforcer of discipline when a student made a mistake.

“I think as the assistant principal, sometimes the role is a challenge because you’re dealing a lot with the discipline when students make mistakes, but I think I’ve also built a lot of positive relationships with students,” Snow said.

Snow said over the years he has been able to build a lot of positive relationships, despite being in the position to make the less fun decisions regarding a students well-being and educational success. Snow also believes that his past position will make the transition into the principle position all the easier.

Snow said he is happy that he gets to continue to build strong student relations at EHS moving forward into his role as the principal, but this time perhaps with a little bit of a less serious face.


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