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The two companies are so closely intertwined one tends to encourage customers to the other — kind of like family.

Blackbird Wraps and Vinyl came first, opening for business right as the pandemic hit in March of 2019. There were so many requests for truck bed lining and other protective measures that Blackbird Truck Center was soon to follow.

Lawrence Danton held the grand opening for Blackbird Truck Center first week of May. His son Sy Danton owns and operates Blackbird Wraps and Vinyl, which has the contract for wraps for the HopeSource and Habitat for Humanity bus fleets.

Same family, different businesses, sister companies, Lawrence said, standing in his shop on Mountain View Avenue. He’s been open for business a little over a week and already seeing a steady flow of customers.

“Ellensburg has lots of trucks and we were always getting asked about truck accessories. The biggest thing that led to this shop was bedliners,” he said. “Our first product here was spraying bedliners. We do a lot of vehicles for Kelleher Ford.

“They were sending people out of town for that work. It was so good that I was building the booth and we had trucks lining up outside.”

It’s a two-man show with Sy running Blackbird Wraps and Vinyl and Lawrence operating Blackbird Truck Center. With the Pacific Northwest winters the way they are, the truck center also does quite a bit of undercarriage protection as well as protective covering on grills and front end work.

“I’m learning about all the truck stuff. My truck has always been about towing my race cars. So, I’m learning about off-road vehicles and other needs for protection,” Danton said. “With the undercoating, I always thought when the state and county laid down a chemical for snow it was like salt.

“It’s actually worse on vehicles because when it does come loose it tends to stick to the undercarriage and then corrodes. So, we put a coating to help protect these expensive vehicles.”

The Blackbird Truck Center also does custom work for off-road vehicles as well as show trucks.

“With our two different business backgrounds, (Sy and I) can do unique projects,” Lawrence said. “If you have an idea, we can figure out how to get it done. The bread and butter is the normal truck stuff.

“But we can do truck leveling, ride improvement and other things. Basically, if you have something you want and you don’t know where to go, we can probably figure out how to do it.”

Blackbird Truck Center has Tonneau Covers, roof top tents, Husky floor and cargo mats and more. It can update the look of a ride with vehicle wraps. It is also the local 3M Window Tint authorized dealer. Window tint is the easiest way to control the heat inside a car or truck, Danton said, as well as update the look and privacy of a vehicle.

It also provides a 3M paint protection film that is virtually invisible while creating a thick layer of film that protects from rocks, scratches and stains.

Rodney Harwood: award-winning journalist and columnist. Lover of golf and the written word. I can be reached at


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