“This is why I ran for council,” Ellensburg city councilwoman Nancy Goodloe said in the council chambers Monday night after everyone else had cleared out.

The Ellensburg City Council approved the Affordable Housing Commission’s recommendations to implement the sales tax funding and city owned contributions for affordable housing, giving Crytyl Enterprises Inc. the go ahead to begin the process in to build 18 three- and four-bedroom homes on the city-owned property at Water and Bender streets. The council also approved funding for four one-bedroom units on property owned by HopeSource located on South Pearl Street.

“I think we did something good (getting things in place). I was real pleased we able to move forward with the Bender and Water property. My biggest hope is that at some point in time Habitat (for Humanity) will received some of the funds that we get for one of their projects. I have every confidence that they will,” said Goodloe, who chairs the Affordable Housing Commission. “I think in a year from now, we’re going to have 18 people that never imagined they were going to be homeowners.”

The city council approved funding from the city’s affordable housing sales tax fund in the amount of $765,000 and contribution of the city-owned Bender-Water property. In addition to building 18 houses, Crytyl Enterprises agreed to include landscaping, the establishment of homeowners association and a design of houses to accommodate future additions.

“I think there’s a huge need for affordable housing. What we’re doing is monumental and we hope this is only the beginning,” said Kate Glahn, Crytyl Enterprises Inc. “Both Tyler and I are incredibly excited to be a part of this, our goal is to help people go from surviving to thriving in our community as home owners.

“We hope have our advertising in place by Jan. 1 and we have some ideas for the application process.”


Crytyl Enterprises Inc.’s proposal was approved for $765,000, in addition to the parcel of land itself. Tyler Glahn’s plan is to build 18 quality family three and four-bedroom houses in the 1,300 square-foot range on the Bender and Water Street property. The major emphasis in the Crytyl Enterprises Inc. plan is home ownership.

“We’ve taken on a obligation to serve the community and my wife and I are excited. We’re going to have to use our skills and resources to execute the plan we’ve developed,” Tyler Glahn said.

It’s been an arduous process formulating the groundwork for how the city of Ellensburg wanted to proceed with a .1 percent sales tax increase in November of 2017 for affordable housing. Collection started in April of 2018. The city formed an Affordable Housing Committee to orchestrate how that money could assist in creating affordable housing.

“It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point and a lot of that credit goes to Nancy (Goodloe),” councilwoman Nancy Lillquist said. “This is the first pool of money and the first of many projects, but we had to get the foundation in place and the Affordable Housing Commission did a great job with its proposal.”

The city purchased the property at Bender and Water in 2011 for $225,000. A residence was demolished and the land has been vacant ever since.

“I think taking the time to get the foundation in place was important for this process to be successful,” councilman David Miller said.

The city also approved $400,000 to fund the HopeSource project on South Pearl Street. The actual funds for the project are conditioned in the award letter based on HopeSource receiving commitment from Kittitas County as indicated in its project budget.

Both proposals have project timelines that foresee completion of construction within a year or year and a half from the start of construction.

“I still see being able to use the community garden property for apartments or something down the road,” Goodloe said.


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