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The Ellensburg City Council unanimously approved moving forward an annexation request for four properties located on the west side of Anderson Road, approximately 900 feet north of Umptanum Road.

The city council conducted the first reading of an ordinance approving petition for annexation P21-066 92 Anderson Annexation Ordinance, consisting of 20 acres of Anderson Hay property with a portable conference building on Monday night.

The ordinance is expected to be brought back for second reading on Oct. 18. In conjunction with the annexation, the land would simultaneously be adopted under the Light Industrial zone.

According to information posted by the city, the parcels are bordered by city limits on the north and west sides, property which is zoned Light Industrial. Land to the south and east is unincorporated property, and is currently zoned by Kittitas County as Industrial.

City documents also indicate, the Kittitas Assessor determined the petition for annexation to be sufficient on June 22 with regard to legal description and corresponding owner of record.

The annexation proponent is MTA Holdings, LLC. The sole owner of the property is Mark Anderson.

The proposed parcels to be annexed are not currently served by city utilities, nor do they have Utility Extension Agreements. Once the parcels are annexed, further development will necessitate connection to city utilities by the developer.

During the Ellensburg City Planning Commission hearing on the annexation request, Kirsten Sackett, the director of the city’s Community Development department, said the city had not received much information on the specific future use of the land but has received some materials to consider a large delivery facility/warehouse. She said a warehouse would be an appropriate use in a light industrial zone.

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