Aaron Reiman

Assistant city attorney {span}Aaron Reiman joins City of Ellensburg staff.{/span}

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Recently hired city of Ellensburg assistant city attorney Aaron Reiman has seen his share of multi-tasking, having received his law degree at Gonzaga, where he was selected for the Navy JAG student accession program.

He served five years in the Navy in Everett before switching to the Coast Guard. He served on duty in Seattle and Arlington, Virginia. The Wenatchee native is currently in the Coast Guard Reserve, juggles family life with two teenage children and hit the ground running Feb. 10 as the city of Ellensburg’s prosecuting attorney.

Time management won’t be an issue. It’s a matter of getting up to speed with the current legal climate as a prosecutor. He will also be assisting city attorney/assistant city manager Terry Weiner.

“Right now I’m working to understand all of the cases that the city has. The position is going to develop, but right now my primary focus is on the criminal prosecution,” said Reiman, who moved back to Ellensburg in 2014, where he worked for the city of Yakima as a prosecutor. “The plan is to transition into a hybrid role of being a prosecutor and assisting Terry on civil matters.

“One of my goals is to get up to speed on the civil matters so I can stand in for Terry when he needs the help, because he has other duties he needs to focus on as the assistant manager. I’d like to be ready to stand in, so there’s no lose of confidence or service and be able to pick right up with what needs to be done.”

Reiman’s educational background started at the University of Michigan before transferring to the University of Washington, where he earned his bachelor of arts in English Literature. He then attended law school at Gonzaga, was selected for the Navy JAG student accession program.

“At JAG, I was primarily a prosecutor. I did some defense work, but it was mostly legal assistance and not really criminal defense,” he said. “There’s always something new with the law. In working with the Navy, it’s federal and that’s different in city and municipal law.

“I have been exposed to a lot, but there’s still a lot I can learn.”

He has been married to his wife, Nikki for almost 21 years. They have two children, Olivia (16) and Jack (13).


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