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Why are you running for Cle Elum City Council?

This fine community and others like it are built and thrive on the efforts of volunteers. I believe that my exposure and contact with the community put me in a unique position to hear and represent my fellow citizens as few others can. My hope is to serve the people of Cle Elum, not as a politician, but as a statesman.

What are some goals you hope to accomplish if elected to office?

To see the staff of the CEPD increased by a few officers through planning yearly budgets that would facilitate this.

What end result would you like to see at the end of the current six-month moratorium on new production, processing and retail sales of recreational marijuana?

An ordinance that reflects the overwhelming majority of citizens who believe that more thought out regulation is necessary concerning the retail sale of marijuana.

How will you help Cle Elum accommodate growth in regards to infrastructure or development?

By being overwhelmingly in support of an already growing movement for the annexation of the Suncadia and Tumble Creek communities into city of Cle Elum’s city limits. I believe that if the communities were annexed, the city of Cle Elum could and would far more efficienty make use of the incredible amount of property tax payments that are currently being paid to the County. Police, Public Works, Planning staff and others could be added to the city of Cle Elum’s already awesome team to make Cle Elum an even more attractive place to build and live in and adjacent to. The city of Cle Elum is uniquely poised to offer far superior services to these communities than Kittitas County has ever cared to.


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