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Cle Elum City Council member Matthew Lundh gives a presentation on three new proposed dog park locations at Monday’s council meeting.

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After community input led to abandoning a proposed dog park close to the city cemetery, the Cle Elum City Council’s park’s committee came back with three more proposed locations.

During a presentation Monday, council member and parks committee member Matthew Lundh gave a presentation with the three locations: across the river at Fireman’s Park near the ballfields, behind the community gardens at Centennial Park and at Wye Park downtown.

Lundh explained the committee’s positives and concerns with each location. For Centennial Park, the attributes included no required permitting, utilities onsite, park amenities, portable restrooms and accessibility by foot for the majority of the community. Considerations included some grading would need to be done, as well as stormwater work, required mowing and a more clear entrance needed to be built.

The Fireman’s Park location is “move-in ready,” with a naturally tree-bordered area. The concerns were it is in the floodway, and it is not easily accessible since pedestrians would have to walk over the bridge.

The main concern with the proposed Wye Park location is the city is working on a master plan for the park, and it is not yet complete.


The committee, along with council members Ken Ratliff and Mickey Holz agreed the Centennial Park location was the best of the three. Holz liked that work had been done to the football field recently, and adding a dog park could lead to the completion of construction in that area.

“Seniors come down there and they do have their dogs with them,” Holz said. “The ballfield is there … it needs a fence around it. Maybe we could use some hotel/motel money and go ahead an close in the ballfield with a fence in there so it’s 100 percent useable.”

Holz said people take their dogs onto the football field, and players usually have to clean up after them before they start playing.

Council member Steven Harper said along with fencing, signage would be important to make sure people know dogs are not allowed on the football field, but are welcome at the dog park.


After the discussion, Lundh said the committee will proceed in the direction of Centennial Park as the new location, and come back to the council with a more firm plan and structural approval.

“We can proceed with finally getting this completed,” Lundh said.


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